[Alaska] Recommended Sightseeing Spots in Fairbanks “Gold Daughters” where you can experience digging for gold

For this time,

I would like to introduce a place in Fairbanks, Alaska, where you can experience digging for gold by yourself.

It’s called “Gold Daughters” and is a place where you can experience digging for gold by yourself.

Digging for gold by yourself may sound like a get-rich-quick scheme, but it is a very simple process but hard to keep doing it.

And, it is not recommended for those who do not like to get their clothes dirty or do not like working with their hands.

However if you’re not then, it’s like playing with mud, and it’s a lot of fun.

This article was written for;

  • For those who are going on a trip to Alaska.
  • Those who want to do something that they cannot experience in their daily life.
  • Those who want to try digging for gold by themselves.

This article is for those who are interested in digging for gold by themselves.

Here is the official website of Gold Daughters:

Gold Daughters :https://golddaughters.com/

Gold Daughters is located about 20 minutes driving to the north from Fairbanks International Airport, so you probably need to take an Uber, cab, or rental car to get there.

The hours of operation are from 10am to 4pm daily, Monday through Sunday.

(Alaska’s hours of operation change quite often, so you may want to call before you visit.)

Their phone number is

As for the availability of parking, which is always a concern when traveling.

Not a problem, as there’s plenty of room to park right on the building grounds! (Just don’t park right in front of the building.)

Once you are able to park, you will be given an explanation of the fees inside the building.

This picture is of the front of the building.

You can see the sign that says “open 10am to 6pm”!

However, the opening hours on the official website are “We’re open 12pm- 4pm Daily!

But, I came here at 10am and I did it already, so you can come here at 10am!

Let’s just leave it cool as Alaska’s way of life.

*Sometimes the information about stores in Alaska is different or change immediately.

I checked Google and it’s open!

But when I went there, there may find that it is closed sometimes.

Probably, You may want to call to confirm before you go.
The initial trial fee is only $20.

I did the $20 trial course and had a great time, so unless you want more gold, you can do this course.

What does $20 mean?

The $20 means that you will be given a drawstring bag at the beginning, which already has gold in it. So you will get some gold with guarantees.

Furthermore, you can upgrade from $20 to $1000 as they say on the official site.

When I visited there, my memory is a bit fuzzy, but I think the max was about $300? But you can choose a drawstring bag with gold in it from $20 to $1000 from the website’s information so it could be.

Of course, the $20 drawstring bag contains only a small amount of gold.

So, as the price goes up, the size and weight of the bag does not change, but the concentration of gold in the bag, the amount of gold, and the size of the gold soul seem to change.

If you want a lot of gold, you have to pay for it.

I don’t want to pay $1000!

If you want more gold for only $20.

If you start with $20, you can try digging and finding it yourself as many times as you want!

By the way, I tried 5 times.

Yes, It is, you will use this shovel to dig for gold yourself.

The staff will carefully teach you how to find the gold in a series of steps.

Pretty good service, they teach you very well so you can experience it with confidence to do it.

The soil you dug is placed on a plate or tray given to you like this.

If you put too much soil on the tray, it will only make the process more difficult, so stop at the beginning of the line.

This is the $20 starter set, which already contains a small amount of gold in the bag.

I dug soil from the soil pile and made the first attempt without using the drawstring bag.

After putting the soil in the tray, I take out the soil and stones out of the way in this tank, leaving only the gold in the tray.

The water here is quite cold even in summer, so I could only do this 5 times. It’s a shame right?

The tray is now quite clean, isn’t it?

The way to do this is to put them in water and remove the soil little by little. It is quite a steady work.

The local staff will carefully teach you how to do it at the beginning, so it is easy to understand and simple.

However, the water is cold, and if you are wearing a white shirt or something, you will definitely get dirty.

Let’s take a look at the photo above and see if we can move some more sand away from the water.

Can you see it?

The tiny yellow stuff is gold.

I got Alaskan gold!

Well, you know, really super little size.

Put this in the special case you were first given, dry your own fingers, take it with your fingers and put it in the case.

The case must be filled with water beforehand.

Only gold, put it in the case.

I did not use the drawstring bag that was given to me at the beginning, and the results of my five attempts up to that point were I got super tiny gold, microscopic ones that you can’t even see anymore, twice.

But I spent about an hour on it. Pretty decent, right?

I had to dig, put it on a tray, and move the stones, sand, and soil out of the tank five times in a row, but that was about it.

But the experience itself was fun.

While we were doing this, a wild goat came by.

You may be lucky enough to see a wild goat, though it is not shown in the picture. And who knows, you might even get lucky and get a big golden soul!

It’s worth the trip, just for the experience!

When you return to the shop, the staff will ask you if you want to turn your gold into jewelry.

I had my gold made into a pendant and a necklace, but there are many options available, so I think it’s a good idea to ask at that time.

Here is what I paid

  • Trial $20 (with a drawstring bag containing a bit of gold)
  • Pendant $30
  • Chain for the pendant $20
  • Gold Daughters pen $5
  • Sticker $5
So, all in all, it came to about $80.

There is a wide variety of necklaces and types of pendants, so the price can be higher depending on your choice.

14k, 18k, and other gold levels and chain lengths vary depending on the length of the chain, so you should choose what suits you best at the time.

Some of my friends just wanted to try to dig for gold and didn’t want to have any souvenir made, while others wanted to have it made into a pendant with gold that you got yourself, and use their own chain with it.

As you can see from the picture of the store, they also have a lot of other jewelry and Gold Daughters T-shirts and hoodies, so it makes a good tourist spot to buy souvenirs.

I didn’t buy a hoodie this time because I’d already bought one somewhere else, but it was black and so cool!

That’s all.

When you travel to Alaska,

You might want to try digging for gold yourself and get rich.

If I have any more recommendations for sights to see, I will introduce them in an article.

Thank you for reading.


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