[Relationships] What kind of person do you like? How do you know what to look for?

First of all, It is very important to know yourself who you like.

This is true for both love relationships and friendships.

Until these days, I have spent my life without thinking about it seriously.


I may have been trying to find the good in each person I met, but in reality, I may not have known myself well. I have learned from every relationship, because how did I know what I’m doing unless I experienced it.

But we cannot keep making that mistake as always until the day we die.

I mean that we need to move forward “Little by little” and learn some things with our mistakes, so I realized I should learn my own preferences.

It evokes a completely different life if you are honest with yourself and build a good relationship.


Especially as we grow older than when we were young.

I think it becomes more difficult to decide to get married or fall in love based on intuition, momentum, etc. When you are young, you have more time to think deeply about your lover without any distraction such as thinking of money, your career, and your retirement.

When we were young, we could take the time to grow up and decide on a life partner, but as we become adults with more fixed ideas and experiences, we may feel rushed or overly cautious, perhaps because of the time involved. Isn’t this one of the problems we face?

So, in this article, I would like to write about the importance of knowing your type in future encounters and how to determine it for those who do not know how to find a mature relationship or those who experienced a lot when they were young but are now seeking a serious encounter.


This article is about.

  • Those who have not been able to find someone they like as an adult and do not know what kind of person they are looking for.
  • You are not good at relationships. Those who get frustrated with their friends and often worry about them.
  • You want to know more about yourself.
  • Those who want to have a serious relationship that leads to marriage, not just for fun.

This article is for those who want to have a serious relationship that leads to marriage, not just for fun.


If you don’t know yourself well, you will make a lot of mistakes in love and relationships.

Failure itself is fine, because it is necessary events, but you should not remain ignorant of yourself forever. Making the most of the mistakes you have made in your relationships will enrich your life.


If you have made the same mistakes every time you meet someone new, pay a little more attention to them. There are many clues in conversation that can be overlooked if you don’t pay attention and get to know yourself.

So the first thing to do is:

Identify what you want to focus on in your relationships.


This is true whether you are currently in a relationship or with a new friend or lover.

There are only two things that are important:

  • Intuition.
  • You just have to put one thing in your mind that is non-negotiable.


This is the one that I can’t talk about for example, because you have to think about it for yourself, but I will explain how you can feel it in my case.


In my case, my intuition is:

I am convinced that intuition is the most accurate information because my subconscious identifies and selects people based on my past experiences. If you feel comfortable with this person or are intrigued by what you hear, this is an important sign that you want to establish a new relationship with them.

Don’t overlook this.

However, if you are a good observer of people, you may notice that the person you are talking to may not be so interested or may be yes, so it is up to you to decide whether or not you want to give it a try.


If you like your gut! If you are able to have a conversation with someone you like intuitively, you will have something to judge whether they have what you cannot compromise.

It is very easy to know what is important to you in choosing a partner.


What is important for you to know in order to choose a partner is very simple:

What is your life’s focus?


So, in my case, I would say that what I focus on in a relationship is

I want to be with people who are always striving to improve.

I want to be with people who focus on their things. because I always think to myself what I want to be , so when I see people who like that then I respect them.

This can be in terms of appearance, study, work, or anything else, but it is someone who matches what they are saying with what they are doing. For example, if someone looks like they are on a diet!, they are careful about what they eat, go to the gym and exercises, etc. They are someone who is firmly committed to what they say they want to be. That’s what I “My life’s focus.”

In the past, I didn’t pay attention to these things and just socialized with people who looked cute or were easy to talk to. However, some people’s relationships with others may lead to marriage, and if they are unaware of the importance of their relationship with their partner, they may end up divorcing later.

As adults, we tend to think too much about relationships, so we simply need to use our intuition and select people who fit our own flow.


Once you have a clear idea of what you are looking for, you can decide whether or not you need someone based on the information you receive during conversations with them. This is called judging.

Don’t think that you are not allowed to judge.

People are more or less judging at the beginning whether or not they are a good fit. (Some people say they don’t, but it’s not zero.)

It is better for both parties to make some judgments at the beginning than to waste your time and the other person’s time. Time is not infinite.

There is no need to waste your time forcing someone else to waste yours.


What do you think?

Do you have an intuition, a sense of what kind of relationship you want to focus on?


If there is one more criterion to consider, it is simply this: choose the people you want to spend your time with.

It is very simple,

Choose the people you want to spend your time with.


On the other hand, you may know that you don’t want to spend time with someone whom you avoid spending time with.

By doing this, you can avoid that you will be less likely to have a relationship with someone who is “lonely” or “bored” due to a need for approval or low self-esteem.


Both men and women often have sex because they are lonely.

People have different values, and sometimes it is good if the time is right, and it is not necessarily bad at all, but there will always come a day when it will become somewhat frustrating.

I have had a few physical relationships with women, but they were always painful in the end.

In some relationships, I was rejected after about a year, and in other relationships, the other person liked me, but I didn’t like her and it didn’t work out. I think now that I was just mistaken in my feelings of liking someone when I thought that “loneliness = love” someone.

It may sound like there was no love in all of our relationships, but the desire for approval is an immensely powerful force in people’s hearts.

We think and want to think that we are worth it just to be with someone, that’s human.


Please think about it and look at it.

Do you really like that person?

Is the relationship in line with your own?

Are you forcing yourself into a relationship?


Even if you are, is it a relationship that you want to spend time on?

If so, there is nothing wrong with it, as long as it is a relationship you want to spend time on.


The most important thing in your life is:



If you just stop spending time on people you don’t want to spend time on

Your value of relationships and life will change dramatically.


You will have more time for yourself, so you can spend more time on yourself to think.

You can also set aside time to think about what you like, what you want to do with your life, and how you want it to be, and for the first time you will be able to focus on how you want to live your life.

If you can’t do this, you will end up living for a long time without realizing that you are living your life based on “someone else’s life,” and you will always be unsure of what you want to do with your life.


In summary,

The most important things to do and be aware of in order to know who you like are;

  • Intuition.
  • Knowing what you are focusing on in your life.


  • Being with people you want to spend more of your time with.


These  things to consider when reviewing new or current relationships.

I hope this article has been of some help to you in building new and better relationships with existing friends, lovers, and even new and better relationships.


Thank you for reading.



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