The benefits of weight training and its effectiveness and the importance of continuing it 

In 2019, the first words my parents said to me when they visited in the U.S.

“Oh now You have a fat, big belly.”

I was so excited to see them again, but my flabby belly took all the excitement out of the reunion.

In my mid-thirties as a man, I thought it was inevitable that I am no longer a young man and have a beer belly.

It was the first time I really noticed a change in myself and thought,

“I want to change my beer belly.”

My friends around me said, “What’s the point of working out your muscles after all this time? you’re already an old man.” But I didn’t want to excuse how old I am now.

I had never exercised continuously before, so I made up my mind to do “weight training.”


Most people who had a problem with physical strength because of no exercises suddenly came to when they were in their mid-30’s like, “Looks shape but only have a beer belly.”

People think like,

  • “Oh, I have a big belly when I’m wearing a T-shirt that I realize, and yeah it is a big beer belly.”
  • And “I have no strength. I get fat easily. My back hurts, and sucks.”
  • Big Big Serious problem that “I’m not getting attention with women these days.”

So after the realization, spending the days thinking like, “I look sucks, uncool. Yeah, I’m not a cool guy.”

It was hell.


To be honest, “appearance is very important in life.

Appearance has a lot of benefits to do with work, love, relationships, and of course in our social life.

So that the benefits are endless with “working out”.


The biggest benefit of weight training starting in your benefits are:

You will gain confidence and enjoy life.

Training yourself is the most fun thing you can do in life. I felt it when I started.

It significantly improves the quality of your life.

Most adults who don’t do it usually think “weight training = waste of time”, “I’m too busy and don’t have time”, or “it’s too late”.

If you do it, you will be able to differentiate yourself from those who don’t do it. It is very simple.


In your thirties, you may have a lot of worries, but you will have no more worries.
  • You don’t have to worry about how you look anymore. (This is really big, goodbye to appearance complexes.)
  • No more worries about choosing clothes. (Even just a white T-shirt is cool.)
  • No more worrying about what others think of you.
  • No more worrying about what you will do tomorrow.

The benefit is that all your worries will become smaller and easier to live with.


You will live a healthier, exercise-oriented life, so your hair will grow well and your skin will look better.

My hair will definitely be thicker and it will be a lie that I was worried about thinning hair.

Skin is definitely better than it was in my 20s when I was living a life of booze, women, and cigarettes.


The magical benefits are:

Women will say hi to you. (I have been getting looks from other people that I never have before.)

I was very skinny so I got much more smiles from American women than before.

A lot of women think that a masculine man can protect women, and it definitely helps us mentally and physically grow.

This is a necessary benefit here, regardless of whether you are popular or not.


The physical benefits are:

Back pain and stiff shoulders are cured.

Flabby stomach, eliminated.

My back and shoulders used to ache when I drove for long hours, but with the “muscle training” effect, I can drive long distances for 2-3 hours without any problem.

The flabby stomach (beer belly) I was concerned about has also been eliminated. (I became more conscious of my posture through muscle training, and this led to the elimination of my flabby belly.)

The cause of a flabby belly is often “bad posture”.

Doing “sit-ups” alone will not get rid of it.


I am now in my third year of weight training, and I have come to realize that I can do anything if I try.

The best effect is on the mental aspect.

It helps me to be able to tackle things continuously.


In life, consistency is like the most important foundation of life.

The fact that I have continued to be consistent for a day, a month, a year, a decade, I have become the person I am today.


At first, there were many things that I stopped doing because they didn’t make any difference at all and I wondered if there was any point to them.

But if you keep doing the same things day after day, such as conversation in different languages, working out, reading, waking up early, eating healthy, etc., you will see results.


I believe that improving yourself is the key to enriching your life by improving yourself.

So, starting weight training in your thirties or at any age is clearly beneficial.


In summary,

The benefits of strength training are that you will have fewer worries and enjoy your life more. Your skin and mind will become healthier, and you will learn to keep things going.


It does take time, but the most self-affirming thing you can start doing right now is “Weight Training.”



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