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How to understand the unconscious and correct yourself

I have been able to correct myself in many ways since I started learning about the unconscious mind.

What I mean by “correcting myself” is to be honest with myself:

Understanding the unconscious and making it your ally.

When we are conscious, we sometimes use our rational mind to suppress what we really want to do.


For example,

You saw a person whom you’re interested in on the train.

If you are too conscious with your brain, the result would be the exact opposite through your actions. it’s probably you scared to say hi and say nothing.

The answer that came out of the conscious mind was like, “I’m very interested, I want to talk to him or her, But if I talk to them in a place like this, they will be scared or annoyed.”

This is probably how it looks and feels like it.

This may look good at first glance, but it completely negates and suppresses the expectations of the unconscious.


As a result,

In the unconscious mind, “I can’t talk to you” will remain in your brain.

If you keep thinking the same thing over and over again on the train, your “unconscious” will input that you cannot talk to the person of the opposite sex you are interested in.

Your “unconscious” will assume that you can’t, and nothing else will work.


For example, if you are interested in:

  • Diet and hobbies
  • Work-related matters, communication with the opposite sex
  • What you want to do. (Dreams for the future).

All of those will be difficult to achieve without your accepting.

Think like I am “two people” in that one and half of them deny themselves, so even if I try to be conscious of it, I cannot get results.

Even if you say “I can do it,” you will not be able to do it because your “unconscious” minds think it is opposed.


I was not good at running 100 meters. I mean I don’t like it.

But even though I decided to have fun and was determined to run as fast as I could, I could not get good results.

It was because my “unconscious” other self thought it was impossible.


So what should I do?


I think the answer is:

First, understand that the unconscious exists.

I understand that there is another shadow (me).


For example, when someone says something to you and you get angry, it is easy to understand.

You may feel annoyed when people around you point out things you care about that you are not doing well at the moment.

Let’s say you are a little dissatisfied with your boyfriend’s intentions. But you don’t accept it yet.

And during a conversation with your friend,

You say, “I always ask him out on dates these days, but that’s totally okay. We are good.”

And when your friend tells you, “I see, You always go along with your boyfriends.” then, you get irritated.

  • I always care for him but he’s not.
  • I always do it for him.
  • I always ask him out but he never does.

In this way, you can notice that you are suppressing your dissatisfaction in your unconscious state.


To understand the unconscious:

You can look at your intuition honestly.

It is what I really wanted in the beginning.

When you follow your intuition, you are usually on the same vector as the unconscious.

If I think about this or that with my conscious mind, I get “blurred.”


Even little by little, you can understand the other you by being “honest with yourself.”

  • If I want to eat something, I eat it.
  • If I see an attractive person, I talk to him or her.
  • If I like singing, I want to be a singer. Let’s just sing and sing and sing.


It is also very important to be “conscious.”

There are some things that people are not allowed to do in society, so it does not mean that you can do whatever you want because your “intuition” says so, but if you live “honestly” to your thoughts, everything will change.


This will be a “change in consciousness.”

You will be able to do things that you could not do before.

All you have to do is to pay attention to what you really want to do.


Unfortunately, time is not infinite.

Time to worry is a waste.


When the unconscious is on your side, there is nothing to be afraid of anymore.


In most situations, the enemy is me.

If I myself truly believe that I cannot do something, that it is impossible, then I will not succeed.

If I lie to myself or suppress myself, I will only lose my confidence.


Admit what you cannot do now and focus on what you can do now, even if only a little.

In your subconscious mind, you must convince yourself that you can do it, little by little.

  • Even if the weight is heavy at first, you will be able to hold it through the experience of holding a small size little by little.
  • If you keep correcting your posture, you will someday be able to do it unconsciously.
  • If you keep talking to them, they will gain confidence and will not be timid about talking to you.

If you follow your intuition, you will be able to have a successful experience with a “small effort.”

Make “small efforts” and experience successes.


Understanding the “unconscious” will enable you to. It is possible to correct yourself.


It will also bring you to the person you really want to be.


Step into the person you want to be.



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