Problems after action is a sign that you are growing

How do you know about your feeling?

When you are worry about your failures,

Or worrying about what you’re saying to friends during a dinner conversation.

When I have something to worry about or think about, I tend to focus on it, and usually I stuck.

Whenever I think about what to deal with, there is no end to think.

Time always passed by quickly.

but honesty the things that there is no right answer.

But I have been neglecting to know the most important flow of my life, so I am not always sure which one is I am real.

This time, I believed that by taking action, and action, I would be able to see what I really wanted to do and who I wanted to be, so I prioritized action over thinking.

As a result.

After taking action, more problems came up and worries come up.

New problems, either good or bad, it helps me grow.

Just because I don’t think nothing problem doesn’t mean that what works is always right.

Waiting until things go well is also foolish and wasting.


By doing what I want to do today, I try to cut off my hesitation, but the anxiety haunt me, and I can’t act well.

This is why sometimes the day just goes by without action, and I feel like stuck and feel sucks the day because I was nothing and despise yourself.


//// Problems after action is a sign that you are growing////

There is only failure after action.

But without it, you can’t know success or what is the new of you.

Maybe it’s success no matter how it turns out.

Even when things go well, there is always another challenge. Let’s rest regularly and building strong mentally and physically prepare ourselves to enjoy it.


The point is that we get anxious because we can’t enjoy anything with mental illness and unhealthy.

I don’t thinking when I’m doing work out.

Boxing is especially good.

By setting aside a lazy time at Starbucks once a day, my brain is fulfilled.

Every morning I stretch and realize that my yesterday’s fear are gone.


I’ve been thinking a lot lately, “No matter how bad my day was, it was what it was supposed to be.

No matter how bad my day was, it was the way it should have been, and no matter what I did that day, it was the best thing I could have done.

For example,

a relationship that didn’t work out,

Work suck day,

a dispute,

Or even a day when I couldn’t do anything, because I was worried about the future,,, its okay man.

because It was the best day with I could be do right now.

The earth and galaxy are always loves us.

It’s the happiest thing to have a nice day whatever you did.

So that is what I do reading, working out and have some times just for myself so that I can feel that way every day.


Zen Jin

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