How would I live my life if I only had 365 days left

If you only had 365 days to live from today, what would you do?

I would like to think about how I feel about this question.

What would you do?

Let’s think about it together.

It’s a very good question, but I’ve never really thought about it, so I thought I’d put it together in a blog.


My answer is to spend the same kind of day as today.

I thought about it a lot, but I couldn’t come up with anything that really great idea to me, so I think it is better a result.


For example.

I like to travel, but I don’t think I’d be happy if every day of my 365 days was exciting and different.

Eating a delicious meal at a different restaurant every day seems too oily.

Hoking up cute girls every day and enjoying sex with them until the last day of the life sounds exciting if you don’t have anything else to do, but the things at the end of the day seems feel empty.

With friends and family 365 days a year, probably a lot of fighting comes.

Spending all money, this may be fun.

Going to the gym every day for strength training, which I still do almost everyday.


If I think about it like this, I can understand what I like.

My favorite things are




Communication with family and friends,

Money, “spending & making”,

working out.

Since I didn’t find guitar or reading books in this list, I wondered if they are things that I like, but maybe not that important in my life.

Reading is a necessary part of getting to know me, as this question is also based on the book I am currently reading.

I like to read when it makes me feel very relaxed.

I also like to play guitar and listen to music. Sometimes I walk after having a few beers, and go home with skip step is I feel really relaxed.

I thought that if my life was going to end in 365 days, I would not read books or play guitar, but after thinking about it deeply, I realized that these two things are healing for me.

When I first thought about this, it was evidence that I was not paying attention to what I was doing and who I am today.

Travel, love, money, and connections are things that I actually like and want from the outside.

Reading, playing the guitar, music, and working out are things that I like and can already feel from inside of me.

Expectation is never ending.

I want more and more as much as I can because there is no end to it.

But my thoughts,

I don’t want a lot but I do sometimes, so I felt that my thoughts are in the middle.

Since it’s often hard to have too much of everything, my experience has led me to the conclusion that it’s best to spend time a day as usual.

Sometimes you just have fun without worrying about the money.

When I get home, I play guitar and music every day with a glass of whiskey in my hand.

Reading in the park,

Spending time with friends and family,

A road trip once a month,

To be heathy as usual.

But as I write this article, I’m still wondering if this is really how I can end my life happily with 365 days.

What would I do if I only had 365 days to do what I really want to do?

It’s a difficult question.

It’s not easy to decide.

I think Steve Jobs said something similar in his famous speech.

As a result,

There are so many things I want to do, so I have to live without doing the things I don’t want to do.

This may be the answer for me now.


I thought about what I don’t want to do in 365 days.

I don’t look at my cell phone too much in a day.

Don’t spend time and thinking for annoying people.

Actively do only what I am interested.

Don’t work too hard. Take a break when I’m tired.

Don’t work too hard and sleep well.

Go crazy sometimes.

Enjoy challenges as much as you can.

Hope for the best, but don’t expect too much it.

Make time for me to not think about anything.

When I was thinking about the things I don’t want to do in 365 days, I realized that they were the things I want to do.

This is my way of the life.

In the beginning was the 365 days that came from my desire.

In the middle were the 365 days that came from my doubts about whether this was really the right way to live my life.

The last one is what I really want to do now.


//// How would I live my life if I only had 365 days left ////

I’ve been trying to figure out what I really want to do for the next 365 days.

If you are thinking about how to live 365 days, you can find the answer by thinking about opposed side like how you don’t want to live 365 days of your life.

If you think about “how do you want to live the best in 365 days”, your big big dreams and expectation will bother you to the right way, and leading you astray and you to live the life you really want to live.

The desire for the future is may not be what you want to do in the end. because you don’t see your reality.

We aren’t living in the future.

Living in the now.


Rather than thinking about what I want to do in the next 365 days, I am living in the now.

I try to avoid the things what I don’t want to do as much as possible, and live my life by challenging what I want to do today with what happened to me that day.

This is my current answer.

If I only had 365 days, this is what I would like to do.


Zen Jin

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