Important things are close to you

I’m having a kind of a foggy day today.

I’m distracted after yesterday’s happened.

I was in shopping at a mall.

There was a man who had a gun in the parking lot.

It happened in the parking garage on the floor where the three peoples and I were.

Fortunately, the police came quickly so it was not the horrible situation at all.

The three of people was being danger but they were able to escape from him, and I met them at the same time, so we had to hide for a few minutes so that we could not target him using the stairs as a shield.

The United States has a problem with gun control policy, and there are incidents all over the place.

I had no idea that It could be happened to me.

You never know when your life will over.


Today, I slept as long as I could and then came to Starbucks near by.

Yesterday’s happened were like fleeting.

There is a lot of peace vibe right now, but when I think that there is a possibility that this could be change suddenly, the things I’ve been worrying about seem so ridiculous.

I want to be grateful just to be alive and here now.

I always forget the importance of this when I live in my daily life again.

But this time, it was deeply etched in my heart again.


//// Important things are close to you ////

The important things are very close, and we have it on the hands.

That is what I have now, what I see now.

It’s not the future.

or the past.




I feel that I have often been unable to see around me.

I was always interested in stimulation and new things.

And often didn’t look at what I already had.

Rather, I feel that I have been using and throwing away, using and throwing away again and again.

Discovering new things is a good thing, but

I would like to remember to enjoy the things is I already have, and build up to great with it from now too.


Zen Jin

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