It is not your fault with all happened to you

Today I had a thought this morning and I would like to share about it.

How do you think about things when things aren’t go well?


For example.

You asked a girlfriend or boyfriend out to dinner, but refused.

The client who asked you to work on a project cancelled to buy.

Waiting for the bus, but it never came.

A car accident when you were driving.



If you think about how you are feeling at that moment, you may feel that your luck is bad.

You may think that the person you are talking to doesn’t like you.

If you have a driving accident, you blame yourself all day long even though the other person hit you.

I usually had felt like that I wonder why I couldn’t have avoided failure this at that time. That was my fault.

Whenever something bad happens, we often blame ourselves or think we are unlucky.


In reality,


it’s not.

The friend who refused to go you out to the dinner, or the client who cancelled on you, was just the wrong time for them.

The bus that didn’t show up or the car accident were just coincidences and not the result of your luck or anything.


//// It is not your fault with all happened to you////


When things are good, my luck is good, It’s not true.

When things are bad, my luck is bad, It’s also not true.


What happens to you and I are just like the earth just spinning,

Just like the air or flow. Even it things are between people’s relationship or your job.

It’s just a combination of crossing for all the things and we are doing the best choice.


When you think about it, love and work are easy analogies to understand this.

In love, if you ask someone out when they have a boyfriend or girlfriend, it won’t work, and it’s not because you or I are unworthy or have bad behavior.

In work, It’s just that we didn’t get the job or the deal because we made a sales pitch when it wasn’t necessary, not because the product or service was bad. I mean if you haven’t acted a crazy sales person,,


For a long time, whenever I made a mistake, I blamed it on my inexperience or my fault.

Or I used to hate me it on my bad luck.

So, this realization helped me a lot.


If you’ve always thought like me that you’re unnecessary person who can’t be taken seriously, it’s all about timing.

It’s never your fault.



Maybe this is a very specific examples.

If the guy have been rejected lover because he always late a date, it’s not his fault. It may seem like a guy who the person is fault, but it’s not.

But that’s just because of he isn’t a jerk or bad guy and then happened to be the kind of girl and guy. She would be hate him if he disrespect on a date, but he is the guy like that, so It’s the both of ego.



This may be misunderstood you what I say, but let me explain more.

A lover who is late on purpose. The girlfriend who is waiting there is also just choosing to wait for the person who is late. The both people are doing their choose at the time.

The lover who is unwillingly late all that time. It’s not his or her fault, and the lover who is waiting for them is just not able to understand it, or just no free space of thinking. Maybe if the waiting person fulfilled at the moment or the day, he or she is not leaving so it is all about timing.

It’s much easier to live with the thought that we are making the best choices every day.

I think this is very easy to live in life,


and I think this is a happy way of thinking.

No matter what happens, it’s not your fault.

you’re very valuable person on this earth.

Zen Jin

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