How to deal with the comparing yourself to others

Today, I went to the gym at noon, but I was feeling kind of weird today.

In America, there are a lot of big muscular people in the gym. yeah, it is.

Normally I don’t mind them, but today I compared myself to them and I felt a little miserable. Because I thought I am doing well at me but I see around me then I am still a skinny guy. That feels really suck since I’ve started weight training and my body is getting bigger little by little, But I feel less happy today because I compared myself to others.

Up until yesterday, I could feel the muscles in my back getting a little bigger than before and so I was proud of my growth and I was super happy, but today, I was feeling unconfident compared to the big guys around me at the gym.

I used to be unaware of why I was feeling this way, so there was no way to fix it. But later I’ve got an idea to solve this problem, and I’m good at it to control my mind as I used to do before.

First, I switched to a workout I’m familiar with. I’m not used to deadlifts since I tried them for the first time today, and I feel my confidence has decreased because I didn’t do well at all.

And second, Do strength training on training machines with an outside view. Trying not to look at people, trying not to look at them.

On the way home, I changed into a slightly smaller t-shirt to change my mood. It’s for my own sake, I’ll try to make myself look bigger and try to make myself happy.

For that, of course I didn’t feel completely recovered, but I spent the afternoon and evening feeling so much better. It’s hard not to compare myself to others, so I think it’s important to focus on changing my mood so that I can enjoy the day.

For this time, I used an example about my anxiety at the gym.

It is important to focus on changing your mood so that you can enjoy your day. If you can notice how your mood is deteriorating in various situations, you can take countermeasures. If you don’t know, you may end up having a bad day, and it may continue tomorrow, the next day, or the next month or more.

//// How to deal with the comparing yourself to others////

If there is anyone who thinks that they are always “I am the best,” it is good for you.

It’s best if you can think of it that way.

If the other person has something more than you right now and you find yourself feeling insecure, pathetic, or shabby.

Try to find out why.

And then avoid the issue.

Focus on what you are able to do.

It’s simple.

My friend drives a Mercedes Benz S class, but I have an old used car.

Don’t look at your friend’s car bragging, spend more time looking for the things you like about your own car. Try putting stickers on scratches and other fun things you can’t do with a new car.

My coworker is moving up the ladder to become a manager, but I’m still not, and just an employee.

If you’re jealous or just don’t feel right, force yourself not to talk to him or avoid him. I know It’s not easy, but it’s for my own happiness. It takes hard work to live a happy life, as does weight training. Then, play with friends you like, or do something you are good at that you are currently enjoying.

Life is not only about work, so spending time on what you are good at and what you want to do can be fun by reducing jealousy and bad feelings at work.

If you don’t already have something you want to do…

Do some working out! Be Strong!

You’ll be fun for sure.

All friends have boyfriends, girlfriends, a wife and husband and you feel lonely and alone. If you feel that way or compare yourself to others, don’t look at Instagram or any screen. For me, I have a bad habit of comparing myself to others, so when I stopped looking at Instagram, I was able to focus on myself.

After all, it is not good to take in other people’s information into your brain. There is too much information these days.

I used to think that being alone was lonely. But now I enjoy being alone, and I also enjoy being with friends and family. Because I realized that I am not alone, I have a lot of friends and family, they just live far from me but they always care for me.

It’s not that I feel enjoyment from love, information, or rewards from others. It’s about knowing my deep feelings and being able to enjoy the senses from within.

In the past, I used to go hiking alone in the mountains and think to myself, “Is it fun? Am I a crazy guy? What’s the fun in being alone?” But now I feel that it is only when I go alone that I can enjoy my own speeds, my own breathing, the scenery and new discoveries. I am able to enjoy it in a different way from climbing while conversing with your friends.

In the study of my self awareness, clinging to what you don’t have now will only make it less enjoyable and miserable.

So, I take a breath and look around.

The sun is almost gone.

My bad feeling I had at the gym during the day is gone too, and now I am full of confidence.

The effect of the small t-shirt was tremendous.

Today, I did what I could now. Don’t want what I don’t have too much.

It’s okay to accept myself as I am and have fun with it.

And as a result, today is another good day.

Thank you for reading.


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