Annoying People

When I’m talking to my friends about what kind of women is my types.




I often answered, “Someone who is kind of a pain in the ass.”




I thought it was because I always like women who are very difficult to understand,





I realized that It was probably a pain in the ass was me myself.






What is a bothersome person?






I have an innocent and cute side like a child, but I am considered a difficult socialized person by so-called mature people who have socialized with others over time to some extent.






They are unable to compromise on things that they normally think are okay.





They are also having very high sexual desire.





They are sex-addiction might have.




They are too much into love, too much in love, too much.





They interfere too much with other people.






In my sense, I would define such a person as a annoying person.




I thought I would fall in love with someone like that, but I finally realized that it was actually me.





I read an article about how I tend to like people with similar qualities, and furthermore, a friend of mine said to me, “You know, when you have in relationship with your love, you can be a pain in the ass with.” I wasn’t surprised at all to hear that.





Because I realized a time to time that I have something, and sometimes very difficult to control myself in relationships.





I was concerned about details that didn’t really matter, and in a good way, I was obsessive.





In other words, I am obsessive but stubborn and cannot bend myself.





I always fall in love with such women. My partner was just as particular as I was, and tended to demand the same from others.





So whenever we had even the slightest difference of opinion or behavior that irritated each other, we would fight and break up.





There was not an ounce of patience.






Now, I am a person who has

I have developed various hobbies and thoughts in my own way, and I feel that things are somewhat better.






Reading and exercises are the best things to get health for mental and physical.






I am proud to say that I am doing very effective and efficient self-improvement to create happiness from within myself, rather than seeking something from others.







Let me back to the topic.






There are annoying people everywhere.






You probably have a few of them among your friends, don’t you?






They are the ones who get upset when you don’t listen to them.







People who demand things from others but do not try to do anything on their own.






I have known many people who were like that but still with them, because then we tried to not notice that the caution signals which my brains and hearts were giving them.






For avoiding these things are I believe that respecting one’s intuition is the key to success.






I have found that it is a better choice than anything else I have experienced.







Intuition is not just an random idea.





It is the result of the brain’s judgment based on various personal experiences.





By paying attention to how you feel, you can definitely avoid a hassle situation.





And, by knowing your own annoying parts and






And when you learn to look at it from a third person’s point of view






If you can feel that such a person is also me, you will be able to be tolerant of such an annoying person.







I truly feel that by changing myself first, I can love others and the environment in which I am placed.







That means loving ourselves at the same time.







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