How immigrants feel in the US and what to do when they feel discriminated against abroad

I came to the beach today because I wanted to have awesome beers.

Hermosa Beach is a town I used to visit when I first came to the US.

Whenever something small puts me in a bad mood.

I always decide to have a beer.

I usually had a loss of confidence when I am in this kind of mood.



So I came here to get back to who I am to remember my original intention.

However, when I see many people talking happily, I can’t concentrate.

I’m lonely here.

Since I came to the U.S., I haven’t felt lonely very often.

But recently, I have started to feel it very much.



First of all, my family is not here.

I don’t have many friends, and even if I do, they leave.

It’s not that I can’t communicate well, but I sometimes feel like I don’t fit in here maybe.

I think this is probably a feeling that many immigrants are feeling the same.

I am sure that locals have such social problems, but I think immigrants have even more.

Just visits a new restaurant for the first time is nervous and we need to have courage at first, isn’t it?

Because of it, I wonder if they will be discriminated against, or not.

I don’t think the locals can feel the sense of being away that the immigrants feel.



I am currently reading a book, it called ” THE CHOICE.”

It is an biography of an author who survived the Holocaust during World War II, and a psychological statement that it all depends on how you feel, no matter what the circumstances.

I have only read about halfway through the book, but I really empathized with her as she shared her experience of living as being a immigrant in the U.S. after the war.



And not just living in the U.S.

For all like people who studying, working, and living in other countries.



Maybe, They try to fit in and get along.

Because of that is very stressful.



You will always be expected to speak the local language at the same level as the locals. (It takes character to make friends when you don’t speak the language). Shy people will probably not be able to survive.



So, what should we do?

Is it impossible to go abroad and get along with the locals?



I have been in the U.S. for 10 years now.

I still don’t know the answer.



But one thing I do know is that we are all the same, it doesn’t matter where are you from.

We are all the same.



During World War II, the Holocaust.

There was genocide just for being Jewish, and there is still discrimination today.

It is a history of bickering among Asians, blacks, whites, and other racial groups, and creating a world in which it is not necessary for any race to be superior and any race to be treated like trash.


We are all human beings.

We may have different skin colors and look different, but we are all human beings with the same emotion.



That is not up to others to decide.

It is you.



Lately, Russia is attacking Ukraine and violating others.

They forget that we were born on the same earth and we are all humans.

Why would we need more land when we have our own?



It is not okay to violate others for the sake of land and authority.



I do not use a race as an excuse to live my life.

We can change everything by our own mind.

If someone is being sarcastic, discriminatory, or unworthy of you or me as a person.

Leave it alone.

Ignore it.

The wartime situation must be so sad and infuriating that you can’t help yourself.



But still, you can only feel good about yourself.

It would be very cool if you could die without thinking like I am trash.



That’s what living means, isn’t it?

Be me.

It doesn’t matter if I don’t fit in.



It’s important to be happy and drink beer or coffee or whatever like this.

It is important to be happy and to be myself.

I can decide how I feel.

I don’t go to places I don’t like anymore, and I will go to places that make me feel good just like that.

There is no need to force myself to reduce or bend my feelings in various ways.


There will always be a place that suits you.

because you are already important.

It is up to you.




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