Men of the bachelor loyalty aren’t interesting in the others

Single men is he loves himself so much that his vector is always to himself.

So he is single.


They are so-called a bachelor aristocrats or a bachelor loyalty.

The characteristics of the bachelor loyalty persons are not interested in other people.


Because he loves himself, They are not interested in others.

According to Jung’s psychoanalysis, there are simply two types of people whom Introversion and extroversion . But in my opinion, there are two types of people whom Selfish and stranger-oriented.


The egocentric person prefers to be alone.

Love others likes prefer to be with other people.

It means that there are two types of people:

those who can be alone and those who need to be with others.


The self-liker who is okay with being on his/her own to do everything are maybe late marriages or singles. and they are becoming an aristocrats.

The man who needs to be with someone else, marries quickly.


The self-loving man who is not interested in others tends to
  • Often focus their efforts on self-actualization and invest in themselves rather than spending time on others.
  • They cannot listen to others, so communication with women is a challenge.
  • They are often childish and tend to make decisions based on their own self-centeredness.


This makes them to Bachelor loyalty, they are in a state where they have managed to put “aristocrat” on their name to be cool.


And by adding “aristocrat,” they love solitude more.


They are concerned about what others think of them, so they prefer to be alone to avoid criticism.

And in doing so,

They lose interest in other people and even conversations with others become boring easily.

This is how the “bachelor aristocrat” is created.


The bachelor aristocrat is a sensitive person, they are concerned about what others think of them.

Childish, looking out for other people’s eyes.


Therefore, they are single.



Many of these aristocrats are financially and mentally comfortable,

(They are independent, tough, and, usually intelligent.)

In fact,

they are the best men after all.


He doesn’t interfere with others too much.

He is able to maintain his innocence and childlike feelings to challenge.


He is a good man because,
  • He can do everything by himself.
  • He is concerned about how he is perceived, but he doesn’t demand anything from his partner.
  • I have the ability to improve myself forever.


They have a more time than a married man to achieve their goal.

They can achieve in another field.

It’s ok to be a single and not have any forced interest in others.


To conclusion,

Many men who are not interested in others are single.


Never despise yourself.



Don’t forget to be you’re a “good man”. Never forget that who you are.


Because there is something else to accomplish to you.

Time is the time which they have been given for it.



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