Life Purpose

I thought about life.



I came to the brewery today to be alone.





It was crowded with many people.





As expected on a Saturday, the place was full of people.





I guess it was originally a dance club turned into a brewery.




The place is very nice and the service is excellent.





If you are in the area, you should definitely try Highland Park Brewery (The Hermosillo).









What is life?





When we think about what our purpose in life is, few of us have a clear answer.





I have only one purpose in life.






To be with the world.




I know you don’t understand what I mean by that.




I’ll put it simply.




The world is one, and there is no discrimination based on gender or nationality.




Since I left Japan, I have been struggling with human relations and am still in the process of trial and error.





Cultural differences, history, and many other things affect our identity.





I myself live as a member of the earth.





If I can do that, then the person is a stranger but my friend who sitting next to me.






I myself may be the one who is limiting our interactions with each other by putting a frame around us.





Since I was born on the earth,





I believe that everyone is my friend.





And then, just like the end of the “SENGOKUJIDAI” in Japan, there will be no more wars.




And a world where Asia, America, Europe, and Africa will no longer matter.






I have no doubt that this world will come.






This is what I believe here.






To achieve this, we must






To be strong in oneself and






and not be influenced by those around us.






To be strong and resilient, even when alone, is the most important skill in life, and the wisdom that can bring the world together.






It is the wisdom that can bring the world together.






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