Become the person you envisioned

Have you ever really thought about what kind of person you want to be?




For me is,




Since I started talking to myself a little bit




I am able to practice and act on my thoughts more often.




I am able to do what I think is impossible for me.



I mean that it wasn’t always with a good outcome but at least, I do not regret it.


I try to think, “This is coming to me because I can do it,” rather than thinking, “I can’t do this.”

Sometimes I still get depressed when I don’t get results, lose confidence, and wonder why things don’t work out because I’m not good enough.





When you think that.

I breathe and focus on the present.





By doing so, I am able to return to the leading role in my life.

I try to think that everything that happens around me is the result of my brain thinking and making it.





If something is currently going wrong, it is because

I followed it, and only thinking so it myself.







But, I can change it immediately.

it has to change our thinking, change the way you think that I can do it.







I am not an incapable person.





I’m not stupid, I’m not worthless, I’m not bad at doing everything,





We’re alive on this earth.

It is given to us to live life the way we want to live it.








If you want money, you can be rich. If you want to have a nice family with your girlfriend or wife, you can have a nice family.





You can dance, or do whatever you are not able to do well now, because you were made to do it, so that is why you are interested in it.







There is nothing that I can’t do.





It is not at all easy to admit to yourself.

First of all, for every day, every moments, living like the person you want to be is certainly the way to make it happen.







I want to have a happy family.





But why is it so difficult for me to meet someone like that?








I am always under the impression that it will not work out with someone I have a liking for, or that

Deep down, I thought that marriage or sharing my life with someone was impossible for me, and this was the cause of it confusing a reality between my hopes.







At the same time, I am unable to trust people.





Therefore, I am suspicious of any person at first.







When I invite people who always try to befriend me with a smile, they often do not contact me.

and I felt like why why why,,,
and eventually felt bad about that. Then, I always quit trying to love people.





The kind of me I want to be now is trusting people and opening my heart to them.







What does it take to do that?





It is.

First of all, go with an open-minded in any situation with any people.





Even if I’m rejected.

Even if they separated from me.

Anyway,  I would try to be open to the people.








I often wondered why I didn’t get a mail back, but

I thought, well, that’s enough.





Even if friendships and romantic relationships don’t work out, I think about whether I have been able to open my heart and mind even a little bit more openly, and I don’t worry about the outcome.







I try to open up and talk to the people around me.








The kind of me I want to be is

Communicate with no fear of anyone.







There is nothing to fear.







Relationships are probably the most difficult thing to deal with, aren’t they?

It makes it worse by making yourself feel afraid to talk to anyone.




Aren’t English conversations or speaking a new language good examples?

People are afraid to speak because they are afraid of making mistakes and don’t want to be embarrassed.





But in fact, isn’t it more shameful not to be able to speak?

You are the one denying yourself and blaming yourself for your mistakes.





No one cares about your mistakes.

people are not making fun of you.







If someone does, it is a learning experience.

It tells me that I don’t have to be with those people.


Let’s talk without fear.



If I can do this repeatedly, I will be what I wanna be.








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