Having a good coffee at the usual Starbucks will soothe me.



Earlier today.

I was suddenly thinking about possibilities.




Possibility is

It is a state where you are not sure if things are possible, but they are probable.




I have been able to accomplish many seemingly impossible things that I have experienced since I was a kid many years ago, and I have made it this far because I have believed in that possibility.





Sometimes I can’t believe in something with difficulty.

Nowadays, for me it is “ballroom dancing”.




Ballroom dancing,


It is very difficult for leading ladies, and besides, mistakes are usual.

It is embarrassing and frustrating.



I wondered if I would ever really be able to dance well.

I became extremely afraid of making mistakes.





I feel that it is something that has been created since I was in Japan.

If I express my opinion or do something wrong, people around me get angry or make fun of me.






I had a dream about becoming a soccer player in my childhood.

I gave up because I was bullied by my teammates for not doing well and losing passion to play.





If only I had believed in my skills and in myself at that time.

Things that I would have fought for undaunted.

As a result, I was losing to myself.






This is something I still think about even now as an adult.

I can’t make a mistake.







I remember when I finally learned to ride a bicycle after falling and getting hurt.





Making the impossible to change it possible,

It is not to believe in the impossible, but to believe in the possible and keep moving forward.





It’s the messing up of this that makes

People who make fun of you with mistakes

Parents who don’t tolerate mistakes

The friends who using you or mounting you,

And the biggest culprit is myself, who created a fear inside.






This has always hindered my potential.

Dancing is really difficult to make it fun while leading with a smile in front of the girls.

I’m afraid, I’m not good at it, I’m pathetic, and I want to hide.





In relationship,

Or a work presentation,

And at the important game.

When the time comes, my heart starts to move fast and my hands start to shake.

As a result, It sucks.








So what can we do to eliminate this intention and fear?

This is the only way to think that failure is a possibility.




So let’s fail a lot! This is the only way to do it.





A person feels fear only about 167 milliseconds after seeing or hearing the feared object, and it is transmitted to the brain.







Avoidance will be difficult.





In actions that would alleviate that deep breathing definitely make you calm.

I tried to have a beer before nervousness, but it made me sleepy and I couldn’t speak well,,, lol






Fear of failure is not a bad thing.

There is no doubt that it reduces our chances, but we have to try not to be afraid of that failure.



The way to avoid the fear of failure is to create your experience, patience, and the notion of failure is not bad.






Anyway, in Japan, I have had the experience of being pointed out every time I fail at something in several environments, and failure was considered a bad thing.
So, I think it is a very difficult task to remove the thorns that are deeply rooted in My heart and mind.






However, I believe in my own potential and I am determined to keep on trying.

I believe that it is necessary to believe in myself.







In the beginning of the dance, I believe that fear of failure, getting used to it, and perseverance will increase our potential and help us develop the ability to handle difficult things.





First, we need to fundamentally rethink failure and let it be input into our brains.

It doesn’t matter if you are not good at it.

It is okay to fail.

It doesn’t matter if you get angry at people, or if they hate you.

It’s okay if they make fun of you, because one day you will be able to do it.





The trick is to keep your distance from those who make fun of you, because it is very effective.





In fact, I have cut off all relations with people who mounting me for doing so, or who deny what I want to do out of the top of their heads.





I think this is very important, not only to build relationships with people who only say nice things, but also to prevent people from thinking “I can’t do it”.

Things are never impossible.






It is possible if you believe in the possibilities and do the research.

The same was true for reaching the moon.





It is not impossible.






Nothing is impossible.

It may be difficult, but it is not impossible.






That is why

I know I can do it, no matter what people say.






Tell your brain that it is possible, and make in yourself an angel.






To make things possible, it is more necessary than anything else to have a dialogue with me, who is essentially your best ally.




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