Encourage yourself

I have learned a lot recently.

To live my life the way I want that It takes a lot of courage.


I was always worried about what someone else would think of me, so it was difficult for me to act as I wanted to.



If I’m thinking too much or wanting to do something that I want,

Then, I think maybe I could die tomorrow.

I try to think that way, “Let’s do it while I still can.”




Of course, I can’t make everything into a good context, but I have made a decision to live in the present without regrets.


I think everyone is troubled and scared.

I think we all worry about telling the person we love how we feel and being rejected, or

Fear of failure in an important presentation at the meeting.

They think about this and that, and in the end they regret not having done it their way.


I realized that this was because I was obsessed with the outcome.


The outcome,

it doesn’t always come good.

And once again, once a good result came to me, I began to look for the same good result again and again.


Of course, it would be nice if the results were always be good, but

Most of the time, that is impossible.


In a life where you are always living within your comfort zone, there is no failure but no growth.

I always want to challenge myself, even in the most difficult situations.


Therefore, I have decided not to worry about the outcome.

I have decided to let go of my obsession with results, and

I decided to enjoy the process.


So, to put it in an extreme way to say, it also means that there will be no results until I die.


Just like water flows.

I will be satisfied with my life if I just flow and move harder in the present and take action now, no matter where I end up.


I prioritize action over thinking with my head, and

I decided to enjoy the process a lot.


If I could take action and not be scared of the outcome without a doubt, we can live in the present moment.


What I am really afraid of is

It is to end up not doing what I want to do.



Live each day to the fullest, that is I can be happy for sure.





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