What is the strong men?

What kind of man is a strong man?


Today, I would like to think about what my own image of the strong man is.




First of all,

A man who knows love.




I think this is the most important thing to be a strong man.






He will live as the strong man that he thinks, always think that he’s strong.
He must be able to respect himself as a good man.




He can enter into any situation with a natural attitude and be grateful for many things.




He is someone who is unfazed by small and big things. He is a person who is not afraid of a lot of things.




He can observe and understand his surroundings.




He expects a lot of himself, not from others.




He can think about living in the moment.




He is a person who tries to know himself.




He can think about others.




He tries to be attractive.




He does not neglect fashion.




He has patience and discipline.




He is not a narcissist, but someone who can be cool.




He can always smile, no matter what the situation.




He is always thinking of ways to please others.




He is calm and stable in spirit.




He makes an effort to like himself and others.



He is a person who can concentrate.




He understands that life is his own.




He can be cool and carry out his will until the minute he dies.




This is what I consider to be the strong man.





The strong man,
We can become the strongest man from today, or even from now on, by having a strong will for ourselves.




We all have anxiety.



What We have is always threatened by insecurities that we don’t know when will happen, and we lose confidence.



We don’t want to see who we really are.
The strong man is

The man is not just a strong fighter or a rich man.
The man who tries to do the best today.
I think that’s what I’m talking about.

Let’s be cool, man.





Zen Jin

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