A Man needs to be aware What makes a man attractive to a female, and why they don’t?

As long as you were born a man.

I think it is a natural feeling for a straight male to want to be popular with women.


There are many strategy books and videos on the market on how to get women to be conscious of you as a man, and I have found myself getting more and more confused as I tried to get such information into my brain.

Until recently, I was very conscious about sex desire, such as masturbating, having sex with random women, watching porn, etc.

I have finally realized that many men fall into this trap and are not seen as men by women, so I thought I would share my experience.


This article is for:

  • Those who want to be noticed as a man by women.
  • If you want to have courage and be yourself.
  • Those who don’t know how to live their lives because of their addiction in their own way.

This is an article for men, but the content will be helpful for women as well.


Men live in an age where we can find a lot of wisdom on the Internet and in books about how to make women more aware of them and attractive them.

I am grateful for that.

Frankly speaking, I think that there is a lot of effective knowledge that can be obtained from such online information. The reason for this is that many people have introduced how to get women to fall for them based on their successful experiences, so I think it’s solid.


The most common ones are; Men should to try to ignore their emails. And make them feel like an unattainable man. Not chasing women.


Women are not interested in what is easy to get, so it is definitely effective to increase your value in that way.

However, if a man is mistaken, it will not work if he is not interested in them, and if he uses it from the beginning, it will not work. I used to play this kind of game in my own relationships.


This does not make women see you as a man because you are looking at the wrong thing.

I think that when you are playing games in relationships, then you are not a man anymore.


I understand why you want to have attention from women even if you are playing games.

Because we all want to have sex. It’s the only way.


I always thought I wanted to have sex with a girl as soon as I thought she was cute or interesting. I always did that with every woman I met in every situation. I don’t mean all men, but the men who are not seen as men by women have that kind of brain.

Changing this is critical to becoming a man who is conscious by women.


Even if you don’t say that you are sexually dependent, women already know that you watch porn and masturbate excessively. Even if they don’t know what they actual  are doing it, they feel it instinctively. Some parts, we are animals.


And If the sexual desire is too strong, Men will not be conscious of other things.

  • Work is neglected. (And you don’t even realize it)
  • Watching porn or having erotic fantasies rather than spending time on hobbies or meditation. (Unconsciously)
  • I immediately imagine erotic fantasies even when reading books, driving a car, whatever you are doing somethings. (Unconsciously)
  • you can’t study. (Unmotivated)
  • Even if I go to the gym to do weight training, you can’t concentrate because you’re thinking and look on about women’s buttocks. (well, you will notice this by yourself)
  • When you see a cute girl, you keep chasing her with your eyes. (This is also unconscious, every time women pass by)


Most of the time, the brain of a sex-crazed man is like this.

This situation is pretty bad.

Before I realized this, eroticism came to me when I meditated(zazen) all that time.

After I realized this, women do not see me as a man because I had an issue in all sexual matters, they knew that what is in my brain, and since this was happening in an unconscious state, I felt that I had to stop this first.


That’s right.

In order to become a man who is conscious of women and attract them, you must change your own brain, not by playing them and controlling them, but first you must change your own sexual awareness of women.

Women are not erotic tools.

Women are not only for giving birth to children and sex.


I understand that it is instinctive to have sexual feelings for women, but when it comes time to do something with a woman, you should just let it out. But, all other times like you are putting them out that is in the wrong place.


Male attraction arises from the fact that the first step is to avoid looking at women as sexual objects as much as possible.


The way to do this is simple.

Stay away from everything that causes sexual desire.

Don’t watch porn, don’t chase women with your eyes, don’t look at cute girls on social media, etc. It’s like being a monk. Just do this. Focus on what you do right now. As you do this, it is important to realize how you used to see women only as sexual objects.

Then you will enjoy the time you spend working out.

You will be more and more motivated to work, read, do strength training, etc.

As you become less sexually dependent, you will become more aware of other things.


When this happens, gradually more and more women become aware of you as a man. Women will talk to you. But even then, wait, be a gentleman. That is how you can stop being a man who is confused by sexual desire and become a real ‘unreachable man’ without having to play the part.

They are capable of feeling it.


Trust women.


Women find a man attractive when he works hard, when he does what he loves, when he pursues his dreams. And we men can focus more and more on ourselves because we are not distracted by women, so we definitely get better results in everything.

It makes your life a hundred times more enjoyable.


Please suppress your immediate desire to be popular by women, suppress your sexual desire, and spend more time working on yourself.

This is the most powerful way to make women interested and aware of you.


I was lost for quite some time, but I finally came back to the realization that don’t look at women only in terms of sex, and don’t treat them as such. This will increase your attractiveness and make you happy.

I hope this article will be meaningful in your life.

I hope we can work together to make you more and more attractive to men!


Thank you for reading.



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