Men’s thinking and wish women knew about men’s desire

Why is it that women and men think so completely differently, as if they were different creatures, and this often causes romantic relationships to fail.



The primordial life forms of many organisms were asexually reproducing, but because it became difficult for them to survive in a changing environment with similar genes, the genes of males and females of sexually reproducing organisms mingled and evolved to adapt to the present day.

This is why the sexual relationship between men and women was originally a necessity, but as humanity has changed with the development of technology, the brain and body have not changed much compared to about 10 years ago, but only technology has evolved at an extraordinary speed, and now we are facing a crisis.

The birthrate is declining in all developed countries, and the number of men who are not interested in sex, women who do not want to have children, and people who do not get married is increasing.

We can see about that from Twitter and Instagram,

Especially in Japan, a lot of people go drinking alone, go camping alone, traveling alone are very common lately and being single is becoming more common.

The number of people who are single and enjoying life has also increased considerably, hasn’t it? We have fallen into the “love hassle syndrome.”

So, in the hopes of making romantic relationships between men and women a little smoother, I have decided to share the opinions of the men’s side and summarize what I think we need to know about each other in this article.


This article is:

  • Those who want to know more about men and their opinions from the male side.
  • Women who are worried that they don’t know what their boyfriends are thinking.
  • Women who are not able to ask their boyfriends directly.

This article is aimed at women who are worried that they don’t know what men are thinking.


First of all, I would like to list what men want women to know.

  • Men are basically perverts.
  • They will never fall in love with a woman they don’t find attractive at first.
  • They want more obvious attractive signs from women.
  • Men don’t understand unless things are clearly communicated.
  • When women are told that something is okay, men think that they are okay.
  • When men are thinking about something, they are silent. But it doesn’t mean they don’t like it.
  • Men will die if they don’t have time for themselves.
  • If he is on his cell phone when he is with you, it is a sign that he is in trouble. (It’s a sign that he is more interested in other people or things than you, and there may be more than one. (This bad sign may be the same for women too).
  • It is really nice when men get affirmation for what men are doing such as work or hobbies.
  • Men feel relieved when women ask men out on a date sometimes.


Regarding #1, 2, and 3.

I am not saying that all men are perverts, but most of the men I have met in my life are perverts.

They are the most bright-eyed when they talk about girls and sex, yeah, of course.

I think it depends on the age of the person you are talking to, but up to about 40 years old, they definitely have a high sex drive. The following is a breakdown by age group.

  • 10-20s: Just perverts. Bare.
  • 30s and 40s: A complete pervert. They are hiding it.
  • 50-70’s: Unknown as I haven’t experienced it yet, but they will probably always be perverts. Calm in erotic.


I hope that women will not think that these characteristics of men are weird.

All men are perverts, and they watch porn and masturbate with pictures of cute girls.

Without sexual desire, they are not interested in talking to women, and they want to have a relationship with an attractive woman.

However, it is true that there are some despicable acts such as rape and assault, so I am not asking you to accept all of them, but I really want you to lower your guard a little more, especially in the daytime.

I think that women are meeting more people than men because Tinder and Instagram are making it easier and easier for women to meet new people. I think this has led women to set their standards a little too high for men these days. I think this is probably true for some hansom men as well, but in most of men’s cases are very different from women on online dating.

To be honest, most of the time, the first reason a man will approach you is because of your body’s attractions. This is the same whether you meet on an app (look on a face and a body) or either outside.

I don’t think there is any other reason.


The important thing I want to tell women is; Please don’t think that the man ‘s sexual desire is creepy.


To  women who is not otherwise sexually attracted to men, it’s an obvious attitude to the contrary.

Men are very cold to them, such as they don’t smile, or they don’t return your texts or your calls. They don’t even talk to them. They don’t force you to continue talking. And pretty sure, they don’t change their mind.


Since women are less dependent on men in their lives today than before, they have become a little cold toward each other and toward men and women. I feel that way.

In the real world, men find it a bit difficult to meet a woman naturally at school or at work and gradually get to know her like a friend in the beginning. especially, when we’re in adult ages already.

Because of Men are basically erotic and aggressive at first, and then extinguish the flames later. After the fire is extinguished, their sexual desire finally settles down and they gradually seek happiness.

However, when I talk to them outside, the women always feel that their guards are up.

If you feel that the man is threatening your life, you may want to stifle him.

If there is no such unusual threat, and you understand male sexuality, try to accept the man.

Perversity is already a given when it comes to men.

If a man is grossed out by this, he will lose the opportunity to approach women for the rest of his life. Please make sure that your entrance is a bit wide open, which will help a lot of men and they are thankful for that.


I think the reason why women don’t contact men anymore is because more and more people think that sex is disgusting, but men have also become too weak in this regard.

Once they are rejected, they are already depressed.

They should just go on to the next woman, but they can’t. They are afraid of being rejected again.

This is something that men need to fix, and the only way to do that is to be more attractive.


However, it would be nice if men could get a little more obviously attracted to the female side.

I mean eye contact, every girl does that to all men, so if you find a man you like specifically, please give a little hint for him more, like try touching him, but only lightly.


As for #4. and 5.

I feel that many women do not say things honestly, I don’t mean that they lie to us but perhaps out of concern for their partner.

If you don’t like it, “Don’t ask me out anymore because you don’t like it!” It is better to be honest and straightforward to the men.

I also think that if they like you, they should be more straightforward too.

There are a lot of YouTube videos of women’s physical signs saying they are interested in men, but it’s hard to recognize if they are actually interested in men or not for most men.

If you want to show your affection for someone, it is better to make every gesture more clear.

Men are simple, so it is better not to make it difficult for them to understand, and it should not be stressful for the woman too.

There are only a handful of men who have the dexterity of an alien-like super power. I would like you to know from the beginning that men are not dexterous, just like sexual desire.


As for #6.7.8.

Most men tend to be quiet when they are thinking about work, hobbies, or other concerns. If you are on a date and there is a problem at work that is bothering you, they are often quiet, but it does not mean that they are not having fun or that they do not like you, so do not worry about it at all.

You can’t think about this or that at once, so leave him alone.

Men get stressed out if they don’t have time to think and do things.

If a woman is so concerned about it that she picks him up from his work or constantly accompanies him to gatherings with friends, it is wise to leave him alone, even though you may be a little worried about him. They will not like it.

Rarely Some men do that like “I want to be with you all the time!” They are together everywhere, but I think it is a good idea to give each other some alone time once in a while.


We spend a lot of time on our cell phones and smartphones when we are not sleeping but if a man is constantly playing with his phone when we are together, it may be a problem.

I mean always. If you are with someone whose smartphone is bothering you on a date, at an important event, or during sex, you should reconsider your relationship with them.

It is a waste of time to spend time with such a person because their attention is not on you.


As for #9. and 10.

Men are very happy and grateful to be recognized.

If a woman’s side affirms what men do, such as work or hobbies, that alone may make him fall in love with you. However, if the sexual attraction is not there for the man, they will not talk that deeply, and I think this point is easier to understand than for women.

If a man talks a lot about himself and asks a lot of questions, he probably likes you.

Also, if a woman asks you out on a date or for sex, it’s a big relief. Men always want to be accepted by women, so they are very excited when they feel wanted.

If you want to win their interest, it is okay to give them a simple body touch or even an invitation to have sex.


However, If he is not interested in you or not conscious of you, such as constantly looking at his smartphone or not responding to your questions during conversation, leave him alone. If you try to force him to be interested in you, it will have the opposite effect. I think this point is the same for both men and women.


That is all.


And finally, after knowing these characteristics of men.

In reality, there are two kinds of men.

That is, men who take and men who want to give.

There are those who want to be loved and those who want to love. Unfortunately, however, the reason why many men find a woman attractive in the beginning is because of her style and appearance, and many men, no matter how serious they are, are a little bit interested in her body (if they are not interested in sex, they will not approach her from the beginning), so you can hardly know their true intentions until you get into a relationship with them. This is the current situation.

Even some of the men themselves are so sexually motivated that they do not know their true feelings until they have physical relations with them. Some men, especially those who watch porn, are addicted and see women only as sexual objects.


If you can’t make a decision which the guy is, even if you had sex after a few times, you will only get caught and hurt or played with by men who only want to fuck you.


If there is a tendency for men who only want to get laid, it is that they don’t want to give, but they want to get something from you.


For example of that men to get something from you is:

  • If you pay attention to what they say, you will notice that they talk about themselves a lot, or that they often talk and act in a way that is inconsiderate of their surroundings and of you.
  • They act as if they deserve what they get.
  • They always want what they want, so they get frustrated when things don’t turn out the way they want or when they lose money, so they are angry.
  • A man who didn’t seem very interested in you from the beginning (not serious enough), but when you started to show some interest or contact, he started to bite. He may not want to get hurt himself with you (or give you anything), but if you give him something, he will take it.


There are many men who are on the opposite end of the spectrum, who want to give.


In summary:

Men are perverted, often for physical purposes at first, and simple.

A light body touch (a basic shoulder, hand, or arm) from a woman makes them happy and they are very conscious of it. A man who is cold and does not try to make conversation at the beginning of a relationship may not have a pulse. If, after you start dating, your attention may turn to other things, it is a good idea to leave it at that time because you need alone time. It is better not to force yourself to try to draw attention to yourself at times. If a man is a giving man, he will surely come back to you even if you do what you want and leave him alone.


It is great for men and women to be in a relationship and support each other in life.

I think there are actually times when we would prefer to be alone, but I think it would serve the purpose of living a more enjoyable life if we could build our lives together instead of alone.


I hope that many men and women will understand each other a little more and also increase their love for each other.


Thank you for reading.



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