Don’t think too much satisfaction and don’t expect

I feel so peaceful at these days.

I don’t feel as stressed as I used to.

I don’t feel rushed.

I don’t feel as compelled to do something, I just take it easy and don’t do anything.

Until last year, I was staying at home a lot because of the coronavirus.

So, I felt like I was allowed to have time to do nothing.

I am Japanese.

I learned about It’s not good if you do not take hard.

I couldn’t get rid of the feeling that I had to do something.

But after I realized that I do not have to hard every day, it might have gotten a little better.

Anyway, It is not productive for money but I’m always doing something.

I do to breath.

I do to sleep.

Eating a meal, going to the park and enjoying nature is also a great life.

I think the best change from being is I made a conscious effort to ask for less.

If you always want something, I will die without end and probably without satisfaction.

Well, I talked a bit different way

In the U.S., there are liquor stores everywhere, and some place is feeling not very safe.

I went to buy some liqueur for cocktails, and the manager introduced me to the product while kicking the liqueur bottle which I was thinking to buy it.

I didn’t know whether he was being kind or sarcastic, and in the end I left without buying it because I thought that I won’t happy shopping to have his leg kicking the bottle.

I’m not a special person.

And I tried to buy it once with I thinking it would be frustrating.

But then I realized that I wouldn’t appreciate spending money in this store, and more than anything, it would leave a bad aftertaste.

As a result, I decided not to buy it.

I believe that people are free to treat others as they wish.

I no longer think that sales should be more politeness because I am a customer.

However, I decided to get rid of the indescribable bad feeling I got from them, I chose not to spend money on them.


//// Don’t think too much satisfaction and don’t expect ////


I will get frustrated when the other person doesn’t live up to my standards.

So, don’t demand be nice for it and don’t expect it.

Rude attitudes also different from person to person.

I know now that some liquor stores treat their products like a ball of soccer.

Since you are the one who spends the money, you don’t have to spend money there.

Take care of yourself.


Don’t expect too much from others.

Don’t think too much satisfaction.

These two things will definitely reduce your stress and have a great impact on your relationships as well.

This is true in love, friendships, and family.

I’m not god.

I’m just a human being born on earth.

Just live as you feel.

Even if someone is not very kind to you, he or she is also living with different values.

Unless you are not being attacked from them, just smile and let bygones be bygones.



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