The Life of a Samurai

It’s been a while since I’ve been to Brewing.

This is my favorite beer which is called “Smog City Brewing” in Torrance California.

It tastes so good.

Sometimes we need a reward.

After all, the people who work at the brewery seem to be enjoying themselves.

This kind of life

It brings happiness.

Living a life doing what you love

It may be the best way to be happy.

Chasing after your dreams and hopes is one way to be happy.

But in my case, it is to live a stress-free life, doing what I love.

Beer makes me happy.

As long as I don’t drink too much, I’m fine.

Work isn’t the only thing we focus to do in life.

For me, Writing this blog is one of them.

I think I may have given up a little on having fun before.

It is possible to live happily from now.

It’s possible if you just notice what your brain is thinking and feeling and know how you are feeling right now.

It’s not too late to live happily in the present moment.

It doesn’t matter which circumstance you are in.

Even if death is close.

Even if you having a big problem.

If you know how to change your way of thinking, you may be able to get through it.

I used to work with a very famous person.

He took his own life.

He was a CEO.

A famous music professional.

He had money, he had a wife.

He have had it all, but it happened.

I had no idea why.

But since he had made it through, some people find life so boring that they choose to die.

I thought that perhaps it was just not to his likes.


////The Life of a Samurai////

When you wake up in the morning, you might die today.

So, Enjoy the moment to the fullest rather than future.

Fulfill your loyalty until you die like a samurai.

In today’s society, you might as well make to treat yourself of the shogun.

Never lie to yourself, cherish yourself,


Live in now.


If you want to kill to people,

Whether it’s someone else or yourself.

You have might an addictive with something or psychosis.

Feeling difficult is manageable if you can find it in your mind to change your thoughts now.

Because life will be gone when the time comes.

If you’re not enjoying the moment,

Just get up and do what you like most.

It can be exercise.

or reading books, going for a walk, etc.

In my case, I like to eat, so I have my breakfast while listening to my favorite piano sounds by BILL EVANS.

I effort to increase my favorite time.

If I can focus on it,

Everything is going to be awesome.

such as I just need to breathe.

I have food.

It’s wonderful to live.

We wants for too much, and we get tired on our own.

We don’t need so many things.

Don’t worry about it.

Let’s take our time and enjoy now.



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