It’s okay to be frustrated once in a while, we are human Isn’t it?

When things don’t go well, I’m stressed, and frustrated.


Frustration is often evident when I am talking to people and I am saying negative things about everything.

So, there will be more complaining.

Sometimes I don’t like to be like that.


How do you resolve your frustration?

In my case,

  • I go to the gym and exercise.
  • I watch my favorite movies and laugh or cry as much as I can.

If I can notice that I am frustrated at the moment, I am able to relieve it a little.

But when the stress subsides a little bit and I calm down later, I may find that I have made a mistake.

It was super frustrated so, I realized later that I said something wrong to people, and have created a problem of relationships between them.

Because of that:

  • You lose your temper emotionally.
  • Ignoring someone because I’m pissed off.
  • Or you complain about it.

After, you may feel like, “Oh, no Did I say something stupid.”

The feelings afterwards are awful.

I have made various mistakes that I didn’t mean to do, but I could not control my emotions.

I think everyone cannot be perfect. Cheers.


A friend of mine was always under pressure to meet deadlines in his film business. And when he was out of work, he became emotionally unstable. And his relationships were always unsuccessful.

The reason for this was always “concentrate on work and leave her out of it.”

He said he has trouble controlling his emotions.

But “That is totally fine”.

In Buddhism, anger is called the “three poisons” (greed (ton), anger (jin), and stupidity (chi)).

  • When you have trouble controlling your emotions and break up with your girlfriend, or when you have a fight with your parents, or when you have a divorce.
  • A fight with your parents.
  • An argument with your boss at work.
  • Negotiations for a new project break down.

All things you did because you couldn’t control that anger.


But it’s all humanity.

It’s okay to get frustrated and complain.

Angry and suffering because you loved the person who was fighting and breaking up with you. Let it go.


That is what makes us human.

These feelings are the most human and necessary for people.


Let’s accept them.

If the relationship ended, it was destined to happen.

Don’t regret forever on the fact that you got frustrated and made a mistake.

Let it be the most human part of you and accept it without denying it.

In Japanese culture, where people have been taught that it is “evil” to cause trouble to others due to poor emotional control, it may seem unrespectable to show one’s feelings and hurt you and others.

However, all of us have these feelings, and no matter whether we meditate or exercise, the feeling of anger will never be completely eliminated. Frankly, it is unavoidable.

It is more unhealthy to treat the human emotion of anger as “evil”.


Humans can hurt people with anger and things can go wrong.

So, Please don’t make yourself enemy.


I remember how I used to live with my emotions when I was a child. But, I once felt that I had forgotten how to express my emotions in the present.

As an adult, I live my life suppressing my emotions amidst all kinds of ties.

I am not saying that committing crimes due to feel (greed), such as molesting a girl because “oh, she’s cute” is a good thing.


However, human beings have feelings to begin with.

It is important to accept what has happened to us.


There are people who cannot accept the cracks in their “relationships” that have occurred, and who suffer and lose their lives because they think it is their own fault.

As much as possible, do not worry.

Forgive your feelings as much as possible.

Cry and laugh as much as possible.

Isn’t that what it means to be human?


It is okay to complain.

If you say too much and your friends leave you because of it, that’s okay.


It’s okay to expect too much from someone and get angry when they don’t live up to your expectations.

It’s not just your fault if that strained the relationship.


You don’t have to justify yourself, you don’t have to make you are enemy.


Humans are inevitably made to be frustrated.

By forcing yourself to suppress it, you ‘unconsciously’ increase your stress even more.

And before you know it, it will grow and your mental health will suffer.

This can lead to depression.


Be honest with your emotions and try to live your life.

People should be allowed to live their lives as human beings.


If you are so afraid of the relationship going bad that you abandon yourself, it is better to end the relationship.


It’s okay to be stressed out and frustrated once in a while, it’s just human nature.



The secret to enjoying life is to live honestly with your feelings.

However, if “relationships” enter into it, it will be suppressed:

  • Such as the same goes for strict parental discipline, Boyfriend-girlfriend’s of too much expectation.
  • And difficult friends, work, and other relationships, like all of them.

Although you may respect them, to obey them is not the only way to live your life.

You can live your life on your own axis if you are more emotionally honest with yourself.


Get mad when you are angry.

When you are sad, just cry.

When something funny happens, laugh mucho.

Isn’t such a life the most human life?


Don’t worry, just accept it.

I am sure you will come to like yourself.



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