Hurt makes you stronger

Earlier, the ceiling of the parking lot was low and the car was scratched.

A bit sad, I know.

It’s a shame and that I have to worry about these things, but it makes my day miserable.

Small scratches annoying me more than big one.

This shows how much I like to keep things clean or perfection.

I’d like to become a person who doesn’t mind, but it’s hard to change.

When I dropped my newly purchased iPhone 11 Pro and the screen broke, I couldn’t hide my anger and after came sadness.

So, I decided to think that the happened is as a human being when the something gets hurt.

Wounds in the mind and body do not disappear or return as easily as they used to.

Scars from experiences do not disappear easily either.


These scratches on the car are actually things that must be put it on the life when they are alive.

They are necessary scratches. I’ve decided to think of them as necessary scratches in their live.


////Hurt makes you stronger////

When you get hurt, you feel sad.

The reason I feel sorry when I get hurt is because my brain mistakenly thinks that scars look dirty and bad.

Scars mean something to me.

It’s not a good thing or a bad thing.

It is a newly created design.


It is not a good looking to bumped frames.

It may be uncool looking.

But if we assume that all the scars that I have made in my life is necessary, all the scars I’ve had in my life to be design, then I would love to them too.

The scratches on my car, the damage on my iPhone, and the scars on my body and mind that I have experienced are all necessary for me to live.

They are the reason why I am alive.

They, too, were born in this world, and it is impossible for them to stay the same.

We can’t stay the same.

The more scars I have, the more forgiving for all become.

When you think about it,

No matter how hard things are in front of us, we can overcome them because we have scars.


Wounds are not something to grieve, not something to hate.

Scars are not something to be grieved or disliked, but something that is necessary to overcome the various trials of life.


Zen Jin

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