Lost your mind, Deep meditation will required

Recently, my mind and heart have been in a state of confusion because I have not been able to make a decision on my life path and I do not want to make the wrong decision.

I have decided what I am going to do in my life, but there are so many paths to take that I always feel overwhelmed by the choices I have to make.

Decisions need to be made at turning point in one’s path and life.

Whether you are getting married, buying a new home, choosing a college to go to, choosing a job, starting a business or not, and many other turning points in your life, you will have to make a decision.

This time, I would like to talk about the most important thing you need to do when you have to make such a decision.


This article is for:

  • Those who are wondering where is the best place to find a job or decide on a career path.
  • Those who are in love and wondering whether to get married
  • Those who are thinking to buy a new house.
  • Those who are thinking about studying abroad or transferring to another country.

This article is aimed at those who are thinking about how to choose the best option for your life destination.


Even if you have decided on a career path, there is more than one way to go.

The destination is the same, but in most cases there are many paths. For example, if someone is thinking about going to medical school, there are many options for which college to attend, even if the goal of becoming a doctor is set. You can get lost in a bunch of information when you do a lot of research, comparing tuition, good and bad programs, whether the university is easy to get to, whether it will lead to a job or career after graduation, and so on.

When buying a new home, we also compare locations and prices, and wonder about the age of the building, or, in fact, whether a rental apartment would be better, maybe so on, I am lost.

Is my destination, go to the right or choose in the middle way? Or go to the left? I wonder which one is the best for me.


We always think about which is the best path to take. I am sure there is no one who does not think about it even for a bit. As a result, once we start thinking about it, time just flies by. Most of them have deadlines, so you get impatient and it becomes very stressful.


If you live your life, you will occasionally come to a crossroads in your life.

I somehow manage to keep my mind off the stress by dawdling, going to sleep because I get sleepy easily, or taking a walk or just lazing around.

I find myself trying to somehow retain the motivation and strength to do my normal tasks because this big stress always comes before a big decision. But I don’t know why I don’t want to feel like reading a book or going out with friends, why? I know when I get to that point, “oh no, I’m pushing myself too hard”, but I’m trying to do things as usual, so I don’t realize how tired I am of my life decision.


It’s actually hard to realize or know how much stress you’re under. And if you’ve been living a normal life for a long time, you can push yourself all the time, even if you’re really mentally fatigued.

So, the longer you are in limbo, the better to deep meditation.

The more you are lost, the more important it is to spend enough time meditating and just accepting the present moment. First, empty your mind and see, and surrender to your unconscious state.

If you think with your head, it will be difficult to get an answer.

The deadline is approaching. There are many deadlines in this human society, so there is a mind that is in a hurry. However, the most important thing in this world is your mental stability and balance.

Surprisingly, you can often decide to go this way intuitively by not trying anything for a day. So incorporate deep meditation along with deep, deep breathing somewhere throughout the day.

Meditating is the most powerful technique to give your tired brain space and vitality.

My own recommendations on how to meditate yourself are;

  • Basically, sit down and breathe in a comfortable position. (It doesn’t matter if you think about something or not. Just try to relax.) As you continue, you will become comfortable sitting and doing nothing. There is also seiza(Japanese’s traditional sitting style.)
  • It is also good to do some spacing out while deep in the bath. It has a great relaxing effect.
  • Walking. Walking is quite refreshing as you get used to walking without really thinking and you become more aware of the sights and smells around you rather than your thoughts.
  • Don’t think too hard about meditation, don’t think about unnecessary things, just breathe in and out and just dawdle.


It is precisely when you just can’t decide that you need to meditate to clear your head.

The reason we can’t decide is, of course, that we have so many choices. But the biggest reason is your brain is tired, and that’s why you can’t decide.

When you are stuck, your brain is usually filled with unnecessary information (success stories of strangers on Instagram, bad news, uncertainties about the future, etc.). When I’m in distress, I’m more likely to be fiddling with my phone. And it turns into fatigue more and more.

Then my brain doesn’t work properly and I can’t read the essence of the path.


What you can do by meditating is to concentrate on what you are doing right now.

What you can do is to focus on the present. When you can focus on the now, what is going to happen in the future may not actually happen. We realize that we can only control the present moment.

So, no matter how we use our brains to think about which option is best for our future in terms of career paths or house purchases, we can’t be sure which option is best for our future, no matter how we use our brains to think about it right now. For example, if I have a choice between A and B, and I choose B to become a good doctor, it does not mean that I will become a doctor for sure. Because it is a choice and you don’t know what will happen to you to change the circumstances in the future.

So, When you find yourself worrying and suffering about it forever, think of it this way.
Now, no matter which of these many choices you make, you don’t know what the future holds, and it will be that any way is fine, won’t it? It is only a prediction of the future, and even if you decide on that path, new choices will be made for different things.

Life is a series of choices.

The reason why we need to meditate when we are lost is to reduce stress enough to be able to spend time taking it easy and to understand subconsciously that we can handle it.


When you are lost and unsure of which option is best for you, stress hormones come out and make you uncertain about the future as well. But in reality, no matter which one you choose, as long as your mind is strong and resilient, it will be the same as which one you chose .

But to maintain a strong mind, you must be willing to empty your head and let nature take its course in a relaxed and relaxed manner.


Finally, we must be willing to go to the end of the line to those who are feeling lost.

Whichever path you choose, it is the right one. As long as you meditate and have peace of mind, you can handle it even if you think you made the wrong choice. You are able to get through the problem.

The most important thing is your mind and soul.


If you are struggling with your choices, please try to meditate.

It will surely help you to see.

There are certainly things that are important according to our society’s standards, but the important things that you really need are inside of you, and you will surely see them. All you have to do is choose accordingly.

It will always be a good choice.

I have never regretted my choice after having such a dialogue with my heart.


I have shared my thoughts this time in the hope that those who are struggling with their career paths will be able to think about it with a little ease. I hope it will be of some help to you.

Thank you for reading.



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