What is the best woman? How can a man overcome his worldly desires?

What kind of woman is the best woman for you?

I am a man and I like women and I have been wondering what kind of woman is the best woman.


What I mean by the best woman is a woman who is attractive, transparent, respectful, a bit annoying, stubborn, straightforward, and who I can work hard to improve myself to the utmost and to love her.


What kind of women have you dated?

All the women whom you have dated, Have you ever had a relationship with a woman who was able to put aside your own worldly desires?


The worldly desires are for both men and women.

When a person is not yet firmly established as a person or manure basis, always the worldly desires come first.


The worldly desires mean that I speak of are;

Sexual desire is abnormal, loneliness, desire for approval such as wanting to be seen well by others, etc.


Do people stay with a person because they really like him or her?

Or are they with someone because they are cool or cute, or is it because they are proud of themselves? Or they are together just for wanting ecstasy of having sex.

There are many reasons for people togethers that it is not “Love.”


For example, women may have various feelings, such as whether they are together because they really like each other or because they just miss each other’s skin and body, but it is difficult to understand both feelings and true intentions until you actually consider them and yourself.

Most of the time, I think men start with sexual desire. “Wow, that girl is cute, I want to fuck her.” Something like that. And so, they call out to her.

However, if “love” is the center of a relationship in the world, then having worldly desires at first is probably still a very young way of thinking.

Some of those relationships can last for a while, and some can end quickly.


The reason for this is that we do not nurture “love,” which is also an affliction.


To be honest, when I am interested in the women with sex, I always focus on appearance first. I start with sight, and when I begin to be interested in a person, I call out to him or her. Therefore, I have a lot of experiences of relationships and sex, I thought it was not only with sexual desire, but also with relationships if I was a little curious, or if the other party was willing.

I realize that I must be a man who thinks light of “Love.”

This is not only me, but also on the women’s side, if both parties have a strong desire for each other such as sexual desire, it is difficult to control it, and sometimes we have a relationship because of that, or we think we like each other without knowing if it is true love or not, and we end up together.


This may be an excuse on the part of men.

It is a very instinctive thing for men to meet more people and to have more opportunities to get along with women.

This is because women are looking for good genes and a good man in order to have a safe offspring, so it is understandable that men who are approaching many women are blamed for this.

Few women would think of parting with men because they have achieved their goal, because they have had a child. Essentially, the female hormones (estrogen) that women have are stabilized by being with a partner who listens to them and loves them, and so they want to be together.

However, there are cases where a couple breaks up due to some mutual problem, and if the reason is cheating on the part of the man, then I think female intention is to avoid that at the initial meeting stage if at all possible.



The best women have known this in place already.


If men can recognize this, we can grow together.

If both sides do not understand this, they will waste their time among mentally young men and women called “mentally unstable.”(it’s called Menhera in Japan)

This is what is called a thirsty relationship between a man and a woman, who loves “troubles” for “love.”


Probably, I have never been in deep love with someone on my own. I have only started a relationship with a woman when she had already approached me a bit with a light signal and I know it.

Then, I had noticed that she was a little interested in me, and I approached her, so I didn’t want to take any risk at all.

I thought when I was in high school, I waited at the exit to ask for the number of a girl I was interested in, and that was the most courageous start to a relationship I have ever had in my life.

Because of this, from my twenties until a few years ago, I was spoiled by the approaches of women, and my antennae did not grow at all, and I lived my life as I am with “trouble.” That is not the way to gain experience as a man. That is what I call wasting my time, but I don’t think I regret it all because It is humankind.


Every encounter has its own cause and effect, and every encounter is a life I chose for myself.

There was not a single encounter that was actually a waste of time.


Just the things are clear that If I really wanted to do and the people I cared about because you may only realize it after you have wasted your time, after you have taken your time.

You have to go a long way and finally put the best woman in your life so that you can suppress your sexual desires and turn your “troubles” into “love”.


Well, human beings are not that perfect.


Intuition also works, and feelings are somehow unwavering.

I don’t care if she hates me.

No matter what happens, my feelings never change with her.

And then, like an ascetic monk, I begin to improve myself and devote myself to it.

What kind of person will I become? How much can I grow? I am looking forward to my own evolution. That is a very exciting thing that I realized.


That is what is different from the past.

You can learn to be the one who gives love to the other person, not the one who is bothered by the other person’s love for you.

If you are lucky enough to meet a kind of woman who can make you feel that way, that meeting is for you;

She is the best woman you’ll ever meet before.


Whatever your relationship with that woman and whatever the outcome with her.

You have already benefited enough by giving her and you have the motivation to make a great leap forward.


Men will keep trying.

This woman is the only one I would not give up to another man.

Men won’t go up for a cheap pie in the middle.

Isn’t it one of the most enjoyable things in life to approach what you think is the “best woman” with your own effort and strength?


We don’t run away from what we think is difficult, whether it is work or love.

You can maximize your power by enjoying yourself without giving up.

Let’s work hard, improve our experience, and achieve our goals.


You only live once.

Let’s challenge with all our might.



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