【Travel Tip】 Introduce a brewery in Los Angeles that I recommend in the middle of summer “Highland Park Brewery”

Today is Sunday,

and I wanted to enjoy my beer time as usual, so I came to a new brewery.

Well, Since I love breweries in the U.S.

Intentionally, I started to buy beer at breweries even though I was super lazy to get them at supermarkets.

That is called “Beer Lover.”

Especially the beer on tap such as draft beers that taste awesome!

If you come to Los Angeles, I definitely recommend you to try some breweries here.

Because the brewery business in Los Angeles County and Orange Country are very famous these days. SO A LOT CHOICES.

And their beers have so many tastes, so many kinds of beer, so many places that we can go to that they crafted and those beers are super duper delicious.

In the LA area, mainly I recommend you to try IPA, Westcoast IPA, and HAZY IPA.

They are very fruity, great pop levels and great services at bars.

A lot of the places aren’t happy for work, but the brewery people are always smiling. You should be feeling happy soon.

Please try to visit once when you travel to Los Angeles!

So, today I would like to introduce a brewery in Los Angeles that I recommend in the middle of summer.

Today’s brewery is located near downtown Los Angeles.

You can get there from the metro  station of “China Town”, by walking just 6 minutes.

Very easy to access from any location because you can use the metro line.

The metro line of the train is $1.75 for one time trip so it is cheap, and you don’t need a car, an uber, a yellow cub, etc.

If you drink beers, and you don’t need to drive, that is a very good advantage, and happy things.

The picture is the metro station “Chinatown.”

It does takes time from that station to the brewery is just 6 minutes by walking,

The Brewery called it:

『Highland Park Brewery 』

Go inside, There are two lines on the entrance, and it is easy to get beers with no wait at all. 

Inside space has no A/C, which is kind of tough especially in summer but there are lots of doors, windows and big fans so you can stay with cool temptress as well. 

Actually, I don’t feel too hot inside and I don’t like A/C so it is good for me at all.

There are a bunch of spaces and tables and chairs.

You can bring 10 people probably fit in at the brewery.

All customers are curious about parking spaces, I checked them but they don’t have actual parking spaces.

Many people are parking on the streets,

and If the baseball games ended (dogears game), you probably have a hard time finding street parking spaces because a lot of people will have some beers at that brewery.

But, Always a difficult to find parking on the street near downtown that we should live in.

The price ranges are pretty basic.

One a little grass will be $5 and regular size is $9 depending on your beers.

A menu is easy to see and also easy to order with bartenders.

Light beers and Hoppy seems like popular here, I love IPA so it is good to enjoy with.

For foods, you can order too and servers will bring your meals to the table.

They have a burger and chicken sandwich and more small meals etc.

This time what did I order is:

HAZY IPA DDY YES with an alcohol content of 7%.

It is very fruity, easy to drink, and intoxicating in one glass.

HAZY IPA is the best in summer. The music is just like rock music, so it will make you feel excited.

The inside of the space is pretty big, and some customers come by themselves so it is welcome for just one by themselves.

Hours of operation are Monday through Sunday like all days:

  • Sunday through Wednesday from 12:00 noon to 10:00 pm.
  • From Thursday through Saturday, from 12:00 noon to 12:00 midnight.

They are also family friendly, with many family with kids visiting the store.

My seconds beer that I ordered,

It was TINBO, a West Coast IPA.

The alcohol content is 5.8%, which is a bit low, but the taste is great!

It is easy to drink so you will get more and more and get dizzy easily.

In front of the brewery there is a large patio space.

And you can see a park in front of the bar, so you can enjoy your beer while enjoying nature.

After all, in the summer, you want to enjoy drinking beer outside!

Anyways, today is Sunday,

A lot of people are visiting and enjoying beers.

Very strong sun-rays,

we probably need to put a sun screen for the patio side.

However, drinking beer in an outside space or street, it isn’t unappreciated in the U.S. based on the law of California.

I mean you cannot drink in a public space outside basically. (if at you house’s back space of Patio is okay)   

It is a very different culture as in Japan.

Japan can drink everywhere such as on the street, inside of the station, on the beach, etc.  

In Los Angeles,

drinking beer under the sun is a special occasion with dry hot weather.

It will be a cool experience for you.

Highland Park Brewery is located here in Chinatown, its sister originally from York Blvd in the city of Highland Park.

And also I recommend York one because I often visit the first location on York Blvd that is why I am here today.

But the best thing about this place(the location of Chinatown) is that it is close to LA Downtown.

So you can enjoy the downtown night view in the evening.

The building that you can see in the picture is major downtown LA buildings.

It was so easy to drink that I ordered another one.

My last choice was DDH TIMBO, which is also a West Coast IPA.

The alcohol content is 5.8%, the same as TINBO.

Well, it’s Sunday, a beautiful day and not too hot,

perfect weather to enjoy beer.

As expected, I’m getting a little drunk, so I’m going to concentrate on beer here.

If you are ever in the U.S. on vacation, I highly recommend breweries.

The taste and atmosphere are more enjoyable than going to a regular bar.

Personally, I like bars, but breweries are the place to be.

If you go at night, enjoy an American bar, and if you go for a drink during the day, I think the Brewery is the place to go.
If you come here as a tourist, be careful and never drink and drive.
If you get caught and thrown in jail, you will not be able to enjoy your trip.

We hope you enjoy your trip safely.

There are many dangerous places in Los Angeles.

I have been there once and will give you the information, so if you refer to this article, you will be able to avoid the danger.

“Highland Park Brewery” is safe.

Japanese night clubs might be more dangerous.

That’s all for now.

I would like to conclude this article on recommended breweries in Los Angeles.

I hope this article was of some help to you.

Well, see you again!

Thank you for reading.


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