Mindful your heart when you feel anxiety about money

Many people have endless money worries.

I have recently experienced a loss of money.


At times like this, I always think it was “study cost,” but until I get it down to my mind completely, I keep trying to figure out how I can get the money back in my head. When I lost the most money that was the worst.

And then I get frustrated. I think, “Why should I lose money?”


It is especially frustrating when it is not my fault that I lost the money. When I lose money gambling in Las Vegas, I feel a little disappointed, but I am okay with it sooner.

I want to get my money back somehow, but when it is “no control over me,” I have no choice but to give up.


But then it comes back and turns my brain into an “irritation,” and there is something else that is still stuck in my mind.

I realized that it is because something else is attached to it.


That “something” mostly like; money problems occur when money is not going around me well.

For example,

  • When a business is not doing well.
  • When you lose money due to unexpected events.
  • Tough situation of Investments such as stocks, currency, or crypto, or bonds.
  • Paying off a loan.
  • When you are considering a new expense for a major purchase (tuition, land, house, car, etc.).

These are situations such as There is what we call stress of money. and that is why I am so frustrated.

This stress can be quite troublesome, can’t it?


Because money is necessary, and you can’t live without it if you don’t have any.

That’s why people are worried.


What if I really lose it all? What should I do? The anxiety gets bigger and bigger.

Therefore, I would like to write this article for those who are worried about money and how to survive in the future so that money does not control you.


First of all, when you lose money, you will think that you are unlucky.

“I dropped $500! Oh no, I’m unlucky today.”

You feel depressed all day long. If you have a date that day, you won’t be in the mood. You might even lose your date to Disneyland.

I’m sure the loss of that $500 will not put you in the right mood for the day.


But then, when it’s gone, it’s gone.

To think this way is the best thing that has happened to me.


Money is an indispensable thing.

Without money, you can’t buy what you want.

I can’t pay for a car, a house, food, household goods, or rent because I don’t have any.


But it will decrease.

Sometimes, It’s gone.


If you lose it or buy something, it’s gone. It’s just like things and tools. There is no forever.

If you lost a pair of socks, you wouldn’t feel that bad, right?

But that is not the case with money.

It’s because we think money has great value.


So what should we do?

You have to let go of your attachment to money.


You might call it giving up.


Let’s just pretend that you’ve spent it on something. It’s the easiest thing to do.

The money you lost is what is keeping you alive. It just needed to leave you at that time.


For example,

When you start a business and it doesn’t work out because you just spent the money, it may actually be an expense you needed to make the next step in your new life. Money is a “tool” to do something, learning, and it is not the end of the world when it is gone. It is something that will always be gone.

Once it is gone, you will not be able to buy the things you like, but it may be a good opportunity to think and try something new instead.


So, It is a chance.

In fact, if you’re too caught up in the money.

Even if you want to quit your job, you can’t because you have to pay your daily expenses, to support my family, to pay school fees, etc.


That is your responsibility but it cannot be used to excuse them.


Money is necessary for us to live.

However, when we place too much value on money and think only about money, we find ourselves unable to do what we want to do.


It is like living for money.

It feels like you are not living to do what you want to do.


Money is there to help us do what we really want to do, but we have been brainwashed into doing it. Our way of thinking has somehow turned the other way.

And making money to support your family is not the right answer. You support your family, It is not the money.


If that’s the case.

You need to change the way you deal with money.

It is not good to have a relationship in which we take too much care of it.


Money is like an angel that makes us rich.


If we can appreciate money and see it off with a smile when it leaves, our relationship with it will change for the better. It is rare that the same amount of money stays in the same place it has always been.

It goes up, it goes down, it goes away, and it goes back up again.


They are also like friends.

So, even if you lose money or have an expense that you don’t agree with, it is important to calm down, let go of your attachment to them as well as your love for them, and let them go with a good heart when they go.

What really matters is you, the main actor in your life, and money is not everything.

Money gone when you least expect it = a chance to grow.

Why don’t you think that way?


Thinking that way makes your life richer.

And let your feelings take precedence over what you want to do, which is the most important thing in the world.

It won’t ruin your date!


Life can be many things. If you die, it’s the end, but you can create what you have lost. Even love, and after heartbreak can change feelings again someday if you believe in it.

When you have lost money, it’s time to think about its chance.

Money makes you feel so bad and anxious for the rest of the day and If you can’t enjoy your life because of it, that’s a big loss.


You can grow by having a good relationship with money.

Please don’t get caught up in it and let it go with a big heart.



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