Why do we think that we really want to do it but you feel bored?

August is here now.


It’s my favorite month of the year, and I feel like I’m doing something that brings me back to my roots.

Suddenly, no sometimes, the things I used to do seem getting boring, and I wonder why I don’t know what I really want to do.


Do you ever wonder what it is that you really want to do in your life?


I have always been thinking and have changed the direction of my life at various times when I think about it now.


Let me tell you a little about myself.

I worked at Hair salon in Tokyo which I wanted to be in since junior high school, then as a bartender at a bar in Nishiazabu (the famous town in Tokyo) while working at a nightclub too, and as an apparel sales clerk and later I became a store manager. Now, after moving to the U.S. and earning an MBA, I am investing and running my own business. Looking back on it now, it’s an unbelievable career path.

In terms of things, what I liked was playing soccer until elementary school. In junior high school, I was playing video games and reading comic books all day long, but in high school I got into music and started playing guitar and Dj. But I stopped once and have recently started again. When I was in Japan, I have always loved to travel, backpacking around the world, and after coming to the U.S., I like to visit national parks in Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, California ,etc, like to travel to other states, and go camping. I also love beer, weight training, boxing and reading.


I think I know what I want to do, but then the “Who do I really want to be? comes suddenly again.

Each time, I go through a major transition.

This article is written for:

  • People who don’t know what they really want to do.
  • Who are struggling with what they are doing and don’t know what they can do to open up a path in their life.

I would like to write this article for those people who have been thinking for a while.


What is it that you want to do?

Do you like what you are doing now?

Is it just for money? Is it for your family?

I ask myself these questions at all times.

No matter what I do, my heart doesn’t burn like this somehow.


Do I really match where I am living? I think to myself, “Do I really like where I am living?

Do I like what I am doing now?

Is there something else I want to do?

How can I know what I really want to do?

Yes, probably I think too much.

So how do you know what you really want to do?

How can we live a satisfying life?


It is like,

Acknowledge once and for all who you are to this day, no matter what you are doing.

About work, If you are not doing this because you want to. Instead, You may not like it, but you do it because you can’t live without the money. Even hobbies may be something you do because it’s cool or because a friend recommended it to you, so. It is not always clear whether or not you really enjoy it from the deep in your heart.

And, if you only see the good things about your peers on social networking sites, you may feel like there is something missing in your current life.


But the reason for this is that I don’t recognize what I have been doing.

The truth is that you have made many choices and as a result, you have achieved great things, but you don’t realize it.


First, take a look at the choices you have made so far.

In doing so, acknowledge everything that has gone wrong with you and everything that you have worked so hard to achieve to this day.

As for why you’re doing it, Because the idea of what you really want to do is in your mind and the hint is in your past.


What you actually want to do doesn’t suddenly appear from the heavens.



For example, games:

You may be excited by the package of a game, but you don’t know if you will like it or not until you try it. There are many games that are boring when you open the package, and play.

There are not many sports or weight training games that are fun from the start. It’s not often that you think, this is not fun from the very beginning at all, but maybe the first day is probably painful, isn’t it? But after a certain amount of time (2 to 3 years), you may think, “Is this really fun? Is it right for me?

For myself, I have lived in the city where I was born for a long time, but I’ve left there and moved to Tokyo, here in California, so I am still looking around where I really want to live.

Even after the long days, I myself have sometimes still wondered whether or not I would live in the city for the rest of my life, or whether something new is really waiting for me somewhere else and not here. I also wonder if I am in a place where I feel comfortable, or not.

Most of the time, It is funny but when I am in a comfortable place, or when I’ve thought the job at the time was a good match, I find myself in search of something new.

That hesitation is quite troublesome. Because you thought you were supposed to love it.

You want to see yourself differently from what you have been doing.

At the same time, you realize that you are not satisfied with the person you are now, and you are curious about the other you.

And so, you don’t know who you really want to be.


At times like this, I always think like this.

“The person I want to be doesn’t come automatically on its own.”

“I’ve Got to keep on moving.”

“I have to keep doing it.”


You wonder if you can do this, or “Will it work for me? Is this really my thing?” “I want to do this and this or that and that too,” I’m sure that you’re thinking a lot of things like that and you’re got fear to keep doing all of them.


The bottom line is:

The things are ALL matching you, so Just do it.


This is the only way to solve your problems.

If something is stuck in your mind, after worrying about it with all your might (very important), try to find a solution.

You don’t know if you like it right now, or if it’s who you really want to be, but let’s just do it.

Let’s just do it for now. It’s okay to start from where you can.


You will only know if you like it or not later, after you have done it. But it is precisely at times like this, when your heart is not burning, that you should try to do something new in your life, something you feel you want to do, even if only a little.


For those who still don’t really know what they want to do now

Just do something that interests you, even if it’s only 1 percent of feeling that what you want to do right now. First, do something.


It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t lead to money, and it doesn’t matter if you hate it later.

Challenge yourself to do something that you are interested in, even if it is just a little bit now.


Please don’t think, “I don’t know I like this 100 percent for sure, so I don’t!” not so like that, please switch your mind to “Even a little bit of my interest is enough.” This is a very important way of thinking.

Only those who don’t know what to do or what they really like to do have a strong feeling that they have to do what they like to do.

I was thinking like that.

I thought it has to be something like I love it for sure before I can start it or keep doing it. Otherwise I thought it’s not worth it. If you do this mind like me, then even if you feel good about what you are doing now, even if your feelings rise from low to high in your interesting feelings, you will still think that you don’t like it, that it is not worth it, and you will lose motivation again.

That then is not going to light a fire in your heart.


The important thing is:

To continue doing the thing that you think you like to do even if you don’t know 100 percent for sure whether you like it or not. It is already worth enough If you like it to do a bit.

We make choices every day. The result comes with those choices. Our work, hobbies, friends, family, relationships, and environment are all made up of the choices we have made.

So what you are doing now is something that you started because you were interested in it, even if it was only 1 percent of what you were interested in a long time ago.


Please trust your past choices.

You will find that you have made some really great choices.


You know how to choose who you really want to be.

You know what you like and what you don’t like.


It is all about acknowledging who you have been.


Thank you for reading.



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