The most powerful mindset to enjoy the laziness

Summer is coming soon.

We’re entering the second half of July, and we’re almost into August. It is exciting but It has been extremely hot lately.

Even here in California, being outside all day long during the day really takes a lot of energy out of you.

Heat stroke is a very direct thing to the body, and the heat is proportional to the amount of energy it takes away from my motivation.

I find it relatively less of a laziness recently because;

  • Training my muscles
  • Nutritionally balanced diet, vitamins, minerals, protein (supplements are OK)
  • 9 hours of sleep

To keep these things are basically all I need to reduce my laziness.

The body is still the core of health.

And yet,

maybe you feel that everything is a bit lazy to do even with your maintenance too, and sometimes you just don’t feel like doing anything at all.

But HERE is a solution that the most powerful mindset to enjoy the laziness.

It is to change the way your brain thinks in order to enjoy it.

The way to do it is very simple.

It’s as simple as choosing between an elevator or an escalator.

Thinking of it as “difficult = fun” Just is it.

You may be thinking,

“What? What am I talking about when I’m not motivated to do something because it’s a pain in the ass and it won’t be fun.”

Yeah, You may be thinking, it doesn’t make sense either, or “What are you talking about?”

Is it boring to be a hassle? Why?

Doing something that is not fun is boring and painful.

However, the only thing that can change that is your brain.

If you think it’s a pain now, you can change what you think to fun.

Why don’t you think it’s fun? All you have to do is find out why.

So, let’s start with.

Let’s say we have a day that is so tedious and annoying that we don’t feel like cleaning or doing laundry and just want to spend the day in front of the TV on your couch.


The reason is that we see cleaning and laundry as a big deal in 24 hours.

For example,

a big dream,

a difficult never-ending job, or a lover’s feelings that you can’t get an answer even if you think it yourself.

We make these “thinking these issues too big” and that is why we lose our motivation easily.

Let’s change this.

For example,

For example, “Today, you can clean only the toilets or just restroom space, not all of the house.”

Or “Let’s just finish the laundry for today, and that’s it.”

That mean is just to;

Set small goals.

There are only 24 hours in a day, and there are limits to what you can do.

It can be a pain to try to do this or that, or to set yourself a “big task” that you can’t accomplish.

Let’s start from making a little space of your brain.

Such as Work, study, clean, do laundry, exercise, everything that you couldn’t complete.

If you do not do them all today, they won’t kill you.

You can do it tomorrow.

Even if it has a due day and you’re missing it, it’s okay you are not going to die for that.

But, it is a big project,,, well, forget about it.

In this way,

Your brain will be on your side if you lower, or what is the hurdle of what you need to do today, little by little, to make it possible for you to achieve your goals. 

It takes a little effort, but focus on the things that will help you grow, even if only a little.

This is really true for everything.

For example, love-relationships.

If the person you love doesn’t turn you on, you may think about giving up or not giving up endlessly.

But that is thinking too much about the ultimate goal at the beginning.

People who think too much about dating and marriage from the beginning tend to get tired of love, think that there is no way I can do it anyway, and feel that it is a pain in the ass.

It is the same with work.

When you are planning a big project, it is tremendous. you start thinking,

“Will this project really work?”

And, come up with a pain and then you quit.

Having high goals is a good thing.

But expecting too much in the beginning has stopped your brain.

You don’t know if it will work or not until you try, and the first step is right in front of you.

Today, just being a moment.

Sets-up your mind like,

“I got out of my comfy bed woo-hoo!”

Let’s rejoice in the fact that you just got out of bed today!

By the way, Just getting up from the bed is an amazing thing.

Let’s compliment you with that.

It may sound silly, but this is the most powerful mindset.

Praise small actions (every day, starting in the morning).

That’s it.

This is all you need to change the pain to be fun.

The first thing you do is when you wake up and get out of the yucky bed that you praise once for a job well done.

And once you brush your teeth, you praise yourself again so on.

That’s how it is now.

How about cleaning the bathroom?

Don’t you think it is a wonderful thing to do?

If you can think that just by cleaning the toilet, you can make today a wonderful and enjoyable day, then you have won.

In our daily lives, we are blinded by a variety of information about what is really important. The same is true of social networking sites that confuse us.

We compare ourselves to those around us and start to see ourselves as miserable.

We start to think like,

“I don’t have time for such cleaning, it’s wasting and so boring, I should do something more meaningful.”

“Why am I cleaning the shit of things, Oh my god, my friend has a beautiful house that they show on their Instagram, sigh,,,.”

That is why just cleaning the toilet today would be a wonderful thing, but they can’t think that way.

So, that’s where you have to have the mindset of being satisfied with small things.

Being satisfied with the small things can change your feeling of being a pain in the ass into a joyful one.

Please don’t get caught up in the big things you are currently aiming for, the social clutter, or the people around you, but instead, treat yourself for the little things you are doing around you and be satisfied.

Without a doubt, you will be able to enjoy the things that are a pain in the ass.

Good examples plus examples of things that can become a pain:

[Good example]

Only cleaning the toilet (small area) → seems like it can be done in 3 minutes haha → no need to use that much your time and brain → start cleaning by communicating to your body → well done! Praise when finished*→Enjoyable →Let’s do some easy laundry →Clean clothes →feel also good! →Go to a little exercising →Gain a little muscle → feel also good! → (leads to various growth, etc.)

[Example of how it can become a pain]

To do cleaning the house today (large area) → It will take about 30 minutes even more → you think too much of cleaning, and as a result, the brain stops thinking → pain & lazy → Watch TV (end of the day).

That’s all.

In summary:

  • It is possible to change the way your brain thinks in order to enjoy your pain.
  • Don’t do big things, set small goals first.
  • Praise small actions (every day, when you wake up in the morning, the first thing you do is get out of the futon, yay!)
  • Have a mindset of being satisfied with small things.

That’s all.

They may be small things.

But even so, you will be able to make progress little by little in things that were too difficult for you to do.

Enjoying the process of growth is a healthier mindset than thinking about the outcome.

Don’t worry about this and don’t worry about that vice versa.

Do the small things and enjoy them.

And then you will be able to achieve your big goals.


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