How to forget someone you love? What to think about when you just can’t forget someone in love now

When you fall in love.

I wondered if the reason I have a hard time forgetting or giving up on that person is simply because I love that person.

But also I wondered if that was the only reason.


For example,

I think there are people who have an ex or someone they are in love with, and they cannot forget that person and cannot go on to the next relationship.

It is not because they have (or had) a partner that they cannot forget their feelings, but it is mostly just their ego.


He or She is the only person for me!

The person who makes me feel good is the only way!

Many people think, “That person is special to me.”

But wait a minute. Why?



When you think about it, don’t you think that there have been many people like that you have had a feeling with your ex ex too before?

If you have been in a relationship, had sex, had a fight, you’ve had saying it’s enough, broke up, and went out with someone else again and again, you might be able to understand what I’m saying.


So, from that perspective, once I look at what’s going on right now.

You will see that it is not actually because of that person that you are interested in someone or that you can’t forget them. They have certainly guided our emotions that way, but it is just wishful thinking and ego to think that it is because they are some particular special being.

Yes that’s why it’s all about the feelings that come from within us, and the other person that led us there has little to do with it.

It is the same for those who are struggling with their first love or any kind of relationship.

I would like to urge those who have been heartbroken or rejected and think that they just can’t forget that person to think about it once why.


Then, once you think deeply about what makes you think that way, you are able to see the truth of what is going on inside of you now.

If you think that the person whom you feel is special and because they are with you, so you cannot forget about them, that is misunderstood.

If you think this way because there is ego (which means by lust) and so that what I cannot forget about them, it is more clear your thoughts by yourself.

It is not because he or she exists which thinks it is special for me and my love exists, but in reality it is just because ego which thinks it is special and lust.

So they are not special to you at all.

Both originate from yourself. Therefore, it means that the other person is irrelevant here.


To put it plainly.

Essentially, all the feelings that make us really like someone come from within us.

For example,

The love of someone is not that you like them because they are giving you something special, like love, money, praise, etc.


You and them both like each other. That’s why love, maybe.

But, If you like them no matter what they are giving you or not that is real love. Therefore, you need to be careful in a relationship where you like the other person because he or she gives you something.


This is especially the case in many relationships where people mistakenly believe that they like the other person.

It is a case where you like the other person because he or she has something and is giving it to you.


However, the feelings of “like” and “love” that we should actually have come from within us on our own, regardless of what the other person does for us. If this is not the case, the ego will take over and the relationship will not improve.


If we focus on the feelings such as intuition that come from within us, rather than choosing a partner based on external factors (everything the partner can give us) from the beginning, we will surely be able to continue a relationship with good results.

Therefore, if you stop assuming that you love someone because they give you love, money, sex, or care for you, you can get out of a relationship that suffers from your own lust and ego.


Once you understand this, your future relationships will be very different.

If you don’t fall in love with someone because of external factors, then how do you nurture love and romance in the future? I am sure there are those who think, so; There is not a specific someone to whom you are supposed to give your love in the future, but everything are your love, even the same sex people, dogs, trees, all nature, etc.

In doing so, you will be filled with what you already have.

It is also about loving with kindness and acknowledging yourself.


I question the saying that love requires a relationship between two-person. A relationship cannot exist without two people, but the control of feelings that whether or not you guys like each other is something you have to do yourself. It is not something to be manipulated by the other person.

This is why I questioned whether balancing each other’s egos is a good relationship.

I think this is true not only with couples in love, but also with married partners. Relationships are not good if they are based on mutual interests, and one of them will suffer in the end.

If both parties are always wanting something from someone else, and try to change the other, it will not work no matter what kind of person you are in a relationship with. The same situation applies to people who think it is working because of this person.


When you love someone.

It does not matter what kind of person you are with, only focus on how you feel inside.

Then will you become fulfilled.

It only follows the feelings that come from within you.

You cannot forget the other person, only because of your own greed and ego.


By changing your mindset,

The object of your current un-forgetfulness will cease to be special at all.


It is not that the individual becomes less special, but that we can see the object as special and equal to nature, animals, and all other living things on earth, even if that object is a stranger sitting next to you in a café.


Please, take it ease your mind.


I know that person must be very important to you.

That is why this time is one big lesson for you.


That your emotional growth will be directed to many things, not just one object.

You will have a more enriching life.



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