How to get motivated to study or work when depressed and laziness? Here is five solutions for you

Summer is almost over.

However, it is still very hot in California, and sometimes it is hard to just breathe. The heat wave is one of the reasons why you can’t get motivated, but there are some times when you just can’t get motivated.

When you wake up in the morning and find yourself in that situation, then you can’t do anything.

There is a huge difference between being motivated for the whole day and not being motivated for the whole day.

In any situation, you will do better if you are motivated, and that is the source of life.

However, there are times when, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t motivate yourself to study, work, or even enjoy your hobbies. And come to a big laziness.


There are a few winning strategies that I use when I find myself feeling unmotivated.

In this article, I would like to share with you five things to do on those days when you just can’t get motivated.

This article is for:

  • If you have a lazy day.
  • You don’t feel like getting motivated at all.
  • You start to do something, but it soon becomes a hassle and you stop doing it.

This article is for you.


Especially on hot days, many people stay at home in an air-conditioned room all the time and don’t want to do anything. I think there are many people who end up in that situation. You have no motivation to work hard, and most of the things you have to do are tedious and tedious work. So there are times when you are still lying around on the bed.

But you have no choice but to finish that tedious task, but for some reason, you don’t have the motivation to do it.

And feels like “I can’t do it, I’m too lazy today.”


So I will recommend you to what is effective in such a case is:


1. To accept that today is “I don’t have any motivation now.”

Motivation is not there because of all kinds of things. Lack of nutrition, not sleeping well, lack of exercise, etc. So, let’s not blame ourselves for the lack of motivation, but first of all, let’s assume that something is lacking on the human atomic level with external factors such as climate, etc., and that it can’t be helped. So it is not your fault.

This is the first thing I want you to try.

If you try to find a way to get out of it, you will tire your brain out even more. Therefore, it is important to accept it. It is the result of your own efforts up to now. Let your mind, body, and brain rest for a while.

Sometimes doing nothing is the most important thing you can do in your life.


2. Go to see nature. (or Meditation)

“I’m not going to do it now as it stands, it’s a pain in the ass and I accept that I can’t do it.” that your mind already got like then, go outside to see nature.

Don’t worry about how much or how long. You enjoy nature until you are ready to do your tasks. If it’s too hot to go outside, move to a café with lots of plants or an indoor mall where you can enjoy nature from inside.

Anyway, if you stay at home, you will never be able to overcome that lack of motivation, and you will end the day fiddling with your smartphone as you desire. First of all, you have to leave your bed, house or office or whatever it is that makes you lazy.

It is very important to make time to not think about anything, because only when you are unmotivated can you think about this and that. (Meditating at home is good, but when you are feeling unmotivated, you can meditate by doing “zazen” in a park you don’t usually go to, or by taking a 30-minute walk along a street you wouldn’t normally walk on, and just being absent-minded while you walk along. (Please be careful of cars)

*If your motivation is so low that you can’t get out of that bed, you are a little depressed. So please sleep again. Please, please, please sleep until you revive. The most important thing in life is you. Getting things done is not so important; getting you back on track is the most important thing. Life is most painful when you have to live in a state where you are unmotivated. You won’t die if you get fired for not being able to do your job, but you will be closer to death if you become unmotivated and feel anxious. Accept it and sleep first.


3) Light exercise in your body. (Walking, weight training)

When you leave your home or office, another world opens up. One of the reasons why you feel unmotivated is because you are unconsciously repeating the same things over and over again, or you feel that things are a pain in the ass, or that doing them is boring. Light exercise is also effective. Some people find running refreshing, but too much of it can be tiring. It depends on the individual, but keep it light work-out.

To enjoy the hassle, please refer to our other article, “The most powerful mindset to enjoy the laziness” which introduces the most powerful mindset for enjoying the laziness.

After all, why is it laziness?

It is because of your own belief that you have to do this or that by yourself, and that you are making the task or thing too big.

If you realize this, you can make it a game that you enjoy playing little by little without rushing.

Even fun and enjoyable games can be tiring if played all at once, so change your brain’s settings so that you can conquer the game a little at a time.


4. look at the animals.

You are tired. Just be healed with them.

Animals and humans are the same. They are born on this earth, but are they as tired and unmotivated as we are, worrying about so many things? Basically, they don’t care about many of the problems and things we usually worry about. We can learn that from animals.

Then we can realize that there is a lot of small happiness all around us.

Feel it with all your senses.

When we go to a park, the smell of the various flowers and trees is very soothing, so when we are feeling unmotivated, we can simply try to live without thinking about achieving our goals like animals do, and then we can easily enjoy the world that we have right now.


5. To eat healty food, vegetables and protein.

When we are unmotivated, we pay attention to our food. We are made up of food, so let’s take a look at whether our nutrition is unbalanced.

If you are not getting enough minerals, protein, and other nutrients, your brain will not be able to communicate properly, and that will make you feel unmotivated. In fact, if you adopt a healthy diet, your life will be happier and you will be able to do more work and study.


Extras idea. Things that you are not motivated to do right now, but if you will be able to do and you achieved a goal that you are aiming for, to Imagine you being very excited when you can do it.

This is an extravaganza, but it works quite well. You can easily get motivated.

Sometimes the gap between the person you want to be and the person you are now is what makes you feel unmotivated. Therefore, you can make it happen by imagining yourself in your brain.


Extra Part 2: Listen to the Dragon Ball theme song “Makahushigi Adventure.”

This world is a big treasure island, so now is the time to go on an adventure.




To summary:

Whenever you feel like a pain in the ass and don’t have the motivation to do something today, the first thing you need to do is to;

Assume that you don’t feel like doing it today. Give up. Decide to skip it.

Then, you move your body, look at nature, look at animals, and realize that the world is spinning without too much effort.

Finally, life thrives from a healthy food.

By being well nourished and rested, we have already fulfilled our role as human beings.


When you get your motivation back, you can start working, studying, and doing whatever you want to do again, no problem.

You can get motivated to do something else without being in a hurry.


That is all.

It is natural to be unmotivated sometimes. When I look at animals, I feel that humans work too much. You just worked too hard, so you should praise yourself for working so hard until you realize how hard you have been working.


I hope this article will help you regain some of your motivation.

Thank you for reading.



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