Make a time to find joy

Today, I feel awesome.

You know, when you start living your life in such a way that you find something to look forward to in your everyday life.

Even if things are pretty tough, you can make them a little less tough.

How are you able to enjoy your daily life without being overwhelmed by various pressures and worries about the future?

In my case,

Sometimes I can’t focus the present moment because I’m always thinking about what I can look forward to in the future more than now on Sundays fun or regretting the mistakes I made in yesterday.

So, sometimes I can’t enjoy the present.

In fact, I’ve been getting better lately, but perhaps because I haven’t practiced enough, my thoughts are not living in the present moment.

I get caught up in anxiety and anticipation of what is to come, something that hasn’t actually happened yet.

The brain is a very unique.

You don’t want to think about it, but you do.

My friend who had dinner with me the other night said that she gets depressed on Sunday nights.

I was worried that she wouldn’t be able to live in the moment and that her worries would make her food taste bad.

When I talked to her, I found out that her friend’s company was not a very comfortable place to work.

We wish we are working on my own time.

But if you can’t enjoy that time, it becomes a pain.

I have experienced this a lot in the past, so I know exactly how she feel.

I didn’t know what to say.

But make time to enjoy from any little things around at workplace, so I told her but I don’t know if she understood me.


//// Make a time to find joy////

No matter how bad the situation is, let’s enjoy it.

That’s all we can do.

The boss is a person who denies your personality, and spending every day in depression at work.

That’s hell.

But all you can do is pick up on the small things around you, feel them, and enjoy them.

You just need to enjoy it.


There will always be hard times in our life.

You have to face your unpleasant boss at work every day,

Lover dumped ,

You have to move out of your house due to lack of money.

A family member’s misfortune.

All sorts of things can cause anxiety and fear in the brain.

It can be the future or the past, but it makes uncolorful the present moment.


What we can do about this is to try to focus the present.

That’s all you can do.

so, when I have a problem and I feel bad, I take a break.



Go for a walk.

Look outside at the distant scenery, and listen to piano music or jazz.

Feel the temperature and the air, and breathe and breathe.

And do nothing.

This is the kind of action that brings you back to the present moment when you are not living in the present.


I did today that I put on a replay of my most favorite song.

Walk around and look at the scenery until I feel calmer.

I start to feel a little calmer.

Please try it and you’ll feel a little calmer, and your boss’s face tomorrow will go away a little bit.

The important thing is to use your breathing, hearing, sight, smell, and taste.

In other words, to concentrate.

By doing so, you will be able to live in the present.

If you can live in the present, tomorrow’s worries and yesterday’s failures are not important.

You can’t control it, so it’s a waste of time to spend time thinking about it and feeling anxious about it.

however, I’m not perfect either.

I’m not perfect at it, but when I’m anxious or not feeling well, I do it.

Usually, the reason I can’t happy because I can’t focus.

That’s why unpleasant things invade our minds and make our food taste bad.


Our five senses can give us pleasure just by being aware of them.

Conversely, the five senses can also give us suffering.



Enjoying your favorite scent, or

Seeing a beautiful scenery,

Eating a delicious meal,

Or listen to the sound of a piano.

If you feel that your daily life is boring and you don’t enjoy being alone, please give it a try.

In fact, you can find such fun things around you if you can focus.

When you’re exercising and concentrating, you can’t think about anything you don’t like.

When you are concentrating on a game, you don’t care about tomorrow.

The only way to be able to do that, even in the smallest of other ordinary things in life, is to be aware of how to improve your concentration.

It’s not easy.


Focus on the present moment.


Zen Jin

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