Mindset for those who want to date with foreign women

Those of people who are living in the U.S. from other countries, and I think it is quite likely that many workers and students in the U.S. are also suffering from a lack of opportunities to meet women after a big pandemic by covid-19.

In the beginning, I was thinking like “I want a girlfriend! I was so determined to have sex with any cute girl I saw!, but I soon found myself losing confidence in myself.


I have been alone for a year without a date.

A long ago, I enjoyed a party sometimes with my friends at home, but as time went on and my friends moved back to their countries or got married, my situation changed immediately and I found myself always alone.

I found a problem myself hanging out with people I didn’t like and spending my time at no-exciting gatherings. And why I spent so much time with that I didn’t understand myself at the time.

However, I couldn’t approach women with confidence to break out because of these situations. Even if I tried, I was rejected. Yeah, you know why.


When I found a girl I was interested in, I would boldly use pick-up lines that I was not good at, and I would approach her, but she would either not tell me a number or they said to me like “I have a boyfriend.”

Even If I asked for her number and asked her out on a date, she didn’t respond at all. I was always like that.


There was a time when I wondered why, was it because I was a foreigner?, was it because of my English skills?, was it because of my race?, and finally I found a breakthrough. So, that is why I would like to share my mind about problem solutions. It was not all kinds of reasons, it was just low-self-esteem.

I wanted to share this information with men who are currently away from their home country, and who are currently having a tough time meeting girls.

I am not sure if this applies to all men, but if there is something you can relate to, you may want to incorporate it. This is something that all men can do now.


This article was written by;

  • Men who have left their home country and are struggling abroad.
  • Those who have difficulty approaching women.
  • Men who want to have a good time with their foreigner’s girlfriends.

I would like to write this article mainly for men who want to be better and want to get a good relationship.


First of all,

Men who have been abroad are amazing.

You should already give yourself a pat on the back for that. You know you’re doing great.

It is the greatest challenge of any man in life.

I hope you give yourself high praise. To be able to surely understand the content of this article, it is necessary to have a high “self-esteem.”


Let me tell you a little about myself.

Compared to when I lived in Japan, there were many things I did not know, so it was normal for problems to occur in the U.S., and I spent a lot of time in a very stressed state. Not being able to understand the language, not being able to make like-minded friends easily, and things not going well at all. All of them.

I think I seriously lost my self-confidence because of that.

I was thinking like a useless person anyway. I would never be better off talking to women. It would be really difficult to date an American woman, let alone one from overseas. I was looking at myself from such a low position and had given up on many things.


Thus, many people who have gone abroad, including myself, are suffering in relationships without friends or people who can talk about their many stressful problems and understand them. And their self-esteem is quite low.


In order to be noticed as a man by women.

Nothing will start without raising this beginning self-esteem. Especially people who are abroad, if this is low, you will not be taken seriously by women at first. There are many really strong women in the world.


So what should men do to be seen as men by strong women?

1. Stop thinking about women.

Men who are liked by women are decidedly not putting much emphasis on women in their lives. Stop thinking about them. Stop thinking about being popular and wanting a girlfriend. This is the most necessary initial mindset.

Women will recognize a man who only thinks about sex with women in his brain.

Train your mentality and try not to think about them first. I know it is not easy for men.

There is no need to ignore them, just smile and converse with every woman you meet.

And just focus on your dreams and what you want to do in your day.

There is one very simple way to do this. That is, you need to stop all masturbation with cute girls on TikTok or Instagram, or watching porn, etc.

Yes, you have to lighten your libido.


2. train your mentality.

Once you are able to cut off this sexual desire, the next thing you need to do is to train your mental strength.

If you don’t have mental strength, you won’t be able to continue, and if you see a cute girl right away, you will fall back into the erotic mode. It is pretty easy to go back, you know it.

A man needs to make sure that he does not desire women and that women desire him. If you are in the erotic mode, you will definitely lose at first point. This is something I have experienced often. They don’t take you seriously or they think you’re worthless as men.

Looking back, I can say that I had a mild sexual addiction, and many men are unaware of it. and I mean we cannot avoid it because of male instincts.

It would be better to think that men who are always looking for sex and cannot work are not sexually dependent, but rather sexually dependent at the level that they are already doing pornography.

It is a condition that would not have been possible in a world without the Internet, and we should know that the fact that such a high dopamine-releasing pleasure event that can be obtained from watching porn can be performed every hour of every day is already a condition that is abnormal for the brain and the body.

Masturbation itself is good for your body, so I am not saying that you should not do it, but if you want to attract women or change yourself, you may consider it as a discipline and discontinue the practice.


Take your time, don’t force it, take your time.

Let’s take our time and overwrite the information in our brain from;

“woman → sex object, object of desire” to “woman → friend, beloved one.”

(It was not easy to remove women as sexual objects unless we cut off the information network of the brain created by watching porn. But, now we can.)


Once you are able to do the first two things, you will be able to make a girlfriend easily because all you need now is a way to meet women. You will notice a different reaction from women.

However, even if you are able to get women to see you as a man, there is one mistake that people who have not had a girlfriend for a long time make. That is, don’t just hang on to that one girl when she suddenly has a good response because it’s been a while.

Remember that women are friends, not objects of sexual desire, and treat them like gentlemen while maintaining mental strength. There is no need to rush. You are already a good-looking man who has passed his sexual desire and has mental strength, so you don’t need to be aggressive with the girl.

Yes, I’m going to say that you are already a hot guy. Most other men don’t know this and manage to finally have sex while constantly flirting with women. So they may talk to you about how they got to have sex with that cute girl again, but let’s face it, it doesn’t matter what they say.


Your purpose in life is elsewhere. It is not only to have sex with women.

And it is harder to achieve it when you are at the mercy of a woman’s ass.

You have to stop looking at women the wrong way and take control of your sexual desires.


Once you have this control, you will find yourself not having to worry about women anymore. You will realize that you no longer have to force yourself to find a sex partner.


Knowing what is most important in our lives, You will be able to increase your self-worth and recognize yourself.

If you meet a woman somewhere and you are able to be flat with her, you don’t have to think about what if she rejects you, or even that in itself, so you can act more and more without fear.

If they want to have sex with you, they will.

Not because you wanted to, but because they want to.


That’s all.


I hope that many men will be able to control their sexual desires and become more attractive to women. I also want to work with you to become that kind of man.

If you change your brain, there are many ways to meet women abroad.


I’ve had the experience that when your brain is filled with the idea that you want to have sex with a woman, even if you get to know her, it’s not going to work out. There was a time when I was always looking for a body and dating women for pleasure. In the end, the partner ran away from me.

So, I needed to know about why women were not interested in men.

If you just put into practice what I have discussed in this article, you will change your life.

I hope you will find it useful.


Thank you for reading.



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