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Never give up

I once read an article that said that thinking about the meaning of one’s existence can lead to depression.

If he thinks too much about the meaning of one’s existence he thought he feels unnecessary by himself for the world and, lost and get depression.

In my case, I have always been challenging myself.

Even so, there are still many things that don’t go well, and there are times when I feel like my heart is broken.

and, sometimes, what am I,,,I thought about it too.

I thought before I had a strong spirit, but I feel like I don’t have it.

There are times when my spirits are low.

There are times when I see things going wrong.

I struggle with my inability to do things that make me wonder if I’m not doing enough.


There is one thing I have learned.


Never give up.

don’t give up.

Keep trying, keep trying.

In the past, I gave up on a lot of things because they didn’t work out with failure once or twice.

In the end, it was all about too much pride that I have and I didn’t want to be shame and wanted to take the easy way out, like an escape from the problem.


if I didn’t make it once there is no way to second. I excused myself, and I thought things never change.


But that’s also because I never kept trying.

about relationships.

Hobbies, jobs.

Dreams and goals.

If you can challenge yourself without worrying about what others think, without worrying about failure, and without worrying about being ridiculed,

You will get results.

You will never know if you are not good enough until you’ve never tried before.

You will never know if you are not good enough until you’ve never kept trying.

If it’s something that you can’t give up on once or twice of failure, then you should be willing to die and try your best.


If you never notice it, your life will be over before you know it.

It’s going to end anyway, so do what you want to do with all your might.


Even if it doesn’t work, keep doing it, and even if it doesn’t work again, get up again.

Keep trying, even if people look at you stupid, even if they make fun of you.

Keep challenging yourself.


To have such a desire to keep trying and to become enthusiastic, it is important to know yourself first.

Don’t be lost.

Life is short.

Fight it.

It is going to be fun.


Even if you have to be humiliated, truly win your existence and feel it.

It’s not something that anyone can give you.

It’s something you have to win for yourself.

Even if you don’t make it but you keep trying, eventually it doesn’t mean failure, because it will be a process until you do.


At that point, you will be able to recognize your existence.

After all, it is important to keep trying without getting discouraged.


Zen Jin

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