Be Concentrated

It’s been hard to get excited lately.

I can enjoy with workout and reading, But other things don’t pick up at all.


In January, I have a lot of things to do, but I’m not in the mood.

However, this may be the sign.

I’m not doing anything that makes me feel good right now.

I thought that I needed to immerse myself in something new.


I spend a lot of time just thinking about everything except for the things I need to finish, such as accounting of the business.

Maybe that’s why I make so many unusual mistakes and have got parking tickets, which I don’t usually get.

So, I realized that I’m not able to concentrate on living in the present moment.



////Be concentrated////

When that happens like cannot be concentrated, making everything gets in the wrong way.


Pain from bad posture.

I can’t even taste food anymore.

It’s hard to talk to people.

Here, I realized again how important it is to be concentrate.



It’s important to keep your mind in the present.

Know how you feel in every detail of your body.

Catching the signals that I am giving off.

I took another deep breath so that I could live in the present.


No matter what the situation, the only person who can change my mind is myself.

It’s up to me to raise my spirits and make it fun.



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