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Sex and I

Recently, I feel that I have finally been able to control my sexual desire.

If you look at my past experiences with sex.

I realize that most of it are lust.

The act makes me feel happy.

It can be the dissolution of desire.

It could be the dissolution of anxiety and fear at the time.


After I started to work out and read seriously (I started to do it every day), I found that my way of dissolving my desires was not only to be with women.

I started to think about how I could create happiness within myself.

I realized that my solution was no longer sexual intercourse with women, but how to create happiness within myself.


This made me realize that before If I’ve met 10 pretty girls at the same time, I would like to have 10 girls to have sex with (as most men do maybe) but now, I began to think about who was really good for me.


It is not easy for a man with a high sex drive to narrow it down to just one woman.

This must be a problem for a lot of men.

Whether you’re in a single, a relationship, married, or you’re a mature man.

Controlling your sexual desire in front of a woman of your type is painful like death.


When I thought about how humanly possible it is to capture the fundamental needs of living beings and make myself happy.

I wondered how it would be if I were constantly at the mercy of cute girls passing by all the time.

I realized that I had to create my own peace of mind that’s my conclusion.


To control my sexual desire, I do some physical things such as strength training, boxing, reading, playing guitar, and other hobbies.

When I say maybe it is very important to take things seriously.

One more thing is

When I talk to these women, to think about my feelings when I talk to these women.

Think about how I felt and how I thought about them.

It can be better even write it down in a notebook.

I can not realize it if I don’t focus my thought and might I think always like, It was good so maybe she likes me.

If you try to do this, you will find that your conversations with cute girls are not as exciting as you think them to be.

It was fun to talk to her, but Do I really want to talk about things that I want to know her? so, to try to reconfirm how I felt.

By doing so, I can see more important people and things that are important to me.

This is just my own story, so whether it will work out with the other person depends on the other person, of course.

I was like a sex monkey, but by doing this, I feel that I am getting to know love, little by little.

If you want to have sex with 100 people or think of having many physical relationships is cool, you must want to change someday.

It’s always been changed that way, just like it was me.


When I was always approaching people and having physical relationships with them every chance I’ve got.

I was losing control of my never-ending sexual desire.

And I didn’t know that I was hurting them.

But I was okay with it because I didn’t know their feelings and mine.

I didn’t want to change because my sex drive makes me be sex and sex like loves a never-ending story.

I realized that it’s because I’ve always wanted to be involved with different people and have someone recognize my value, and

The feeling of emptiness after a night of loneliness is overwhelming and I can’t describe it.



////Sex and I ////


When you take care of yourself, you can take care of others at the same time.

I can take care of myself, I can take care of my partner at the same time.



If you know someone who has a lot of experience and always wants to sleep with a cute girl but doesn’t know what or who they like.

I urge you to stop all of that.

I know that it’s scary and hopeless.

Yeah, It’s scary, isn’t it, because you’ve already taken your chances all the time. Why should I, and lose the opportunity by myself?

If you’re going to throw away those opportunities, why not you should grab them, enjoy them, and be happy they are better, right?

But, you must try to hold it back.

Let go of that desire and let it go.

Make time for something else.

It has to realize that the world is not just about sex.

I’m just getting started, but I’ll continue to think deeply about my temptation of girls who talk to me with cute smiles and concentrate on my thought, believing that I’ll be able to feel the same way about things other than sex.


Zen Jin

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