You’re not the bad people at the workplace

Today, I had a dream about the past.

At that time, I graduated from a vocational school, got my first job, and moved to Tokyo.

In that first year of full-time employment.

I had a very hard time.

It was a dream that reminded me of that feeling.

In this blog, I want to tell you that to work environment to tell people that there are good places to work.

I dislike the circumstance of the Japanese workplace.

This is because the people who teach you how to do your job and the bosses give you a lot of stress and mental anguish.


For example, I am teaching you so you should listen to me.
and, These people who usually say that it is wrong to disobey your boss is wrong and that such a person cannot do the job.

So you have to do what the boss says.
I think there is such a work environment.

But that’s completely ridiculous.

At the time, I had a boss who was the person I’ve ever met, who irritative himself and harass his junior staff on days when his sales were bad.

He would assign me a task that I couldn’t do yet.

and then get angry at me for the failure of his irritation.

Sometimes, he even attacks and hurts me.

I was like my confidence declined, and I began to deny myself. It also affected the customers I had direct work with.

There were other reasons, but I set a goal of one year and resigned.


On the other hand,

In my life, I have also been a store manager and business management.

When I was an assistant manager at one of the stores, the manager when I made mistakes, he would get angry and warn me.

But I remember that I was like my feeling well to do things freely with at the time.

And also I remember that to take it easy, and above all, I was able to get results and have fun.

Because I knew that the person was sincerely trying to tell me something that would benefit me and help me grow.

That experience would one day lead me to a good boss, and that person taught me what it means to teach.

It’s as simple as that.


If someone is currently struggling at work, for whatever reason, it’s not your fault.

I’m assuming, of course, that you’re taking things seriously.

But if you’re taking it seriously and you’re working hard with things don’t go well.

But if you’re working hard, and things don’t go well, or you’re harassed for not being good enough.

You don’t have to be discouraged by that.

In my experience, there are two types of people.

Both of them have different feelings toward others when they scold or get angry.


The first one is, for lack of a better word, a jerk.
The person doesn’t want us to grow, they just want us to fall prey to their frustration caused by anxiety and fear.

It’s like teaching us, but they’re not.

This person is annoying and will get angry and force you to do their job or whatever you don’t want to do it.

They would also be victims of the work environment.


The next type is the person who scolds or gets angry for the sake of you.

This type of boss may be harsh, but it shows that he or she wants the student or someone who needs learning to grow, and above all, it leads to results.

This is the type of boss I met and learned a great deal from.

If you are having a bad day at work, or if you are blaming yourself, I would suggest that you check out your boss carefully to see what his or her corporate policies are.


It’s easy to tell if something is good or bad at the moment.

It’s just a matter of being honest with yourself.

Even if you did a mistake and they are madding you now, Do you feel that you are growing or just feeling worse?


This may be the key to knowing that.




//// You’re not the bad people at the workplace ////


It’s the same at the workplace or school.

With any circumstance, You can learn from anyone who teaches you and it will be a grateful thing.

Everything we experience has a meaning.

You can’t keep sacrificing. 

It is because your life is yours and you’re the beautiful person.




If you have a serious conversation with your heart.

You may be surprised to find out what your boss or company is thinking. It could be found out.

The answer is how you currently feel about the issue.


I have experienced meeting both types of bosses several times in my life.

I’ve been angry and scolded by both types.
I have found that I have completely different feelings about them.

No matter how many mistakes you make, some bosses and workplaces will turn them into something positive.


Now, when you make a mistake or

If you are currently afraid to do something because you are afraid of making a mistake, getting angry, or being disliked, that is the answer.


That’s the answer.
So, don’t do it.

You’ve already learned your lesson.

You only have one life to live.

Don’t give your heart and time to such fools,
and have different experiences or ways and learn differently from different people.


Here’s the most important thing.


Feel and know for yourself.


If you check your feelings and think about how you are feeling and what you are doing at the moment, you will see that you are not alone.

I believe that you can grow without spending time with a bad boss or workplace.

As I said in the beginning.


There is always a chance to life enrich.

Let’s joy and smile 🙂



Zen Jin

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