What makes you strong

What makes you strong?

I’ve never thought about it, so I’m going to express it in my blog.

When I think of myself as strong and tough…

I’m drinking a beer.

And I’m happy.

I mean.

It’s when I’m relaxed.


When I relax, I recognize that I am a strong person.

It can be anything.

When I’m drinking a beer.

When I’m climbing a mountain.

With someone I like.



It doesn’t matter what it is, but when I’m happy and content, I feel confident and strong.


On the other hand.

When you are nervous or

Looking at your smart phone, or comparing yourself to others

I can feel weak.


//// What makes you strong////

Relaxation is important.

It’s what we call margin.

Relaxation gives us strength.

If you find yourself constantly angry, crying, having a hard time, or worrying a lot,

Just relax.



You can be weak or strong.

We are human, so it’s okay if you don’t make it.

I think it’s okay sometimes to lose confidence and motivation.


It’s just that

I think it’s important to know when you’re strong and when you’re not.

If you know when you are strong, you will know how to revive yourself.


It’s important to know how to change your mind and encourage yourself again.

Try to always focus on your relaxed mood.

It’s easier than you think.

You will find it.


Zen Jin


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