[Nofap after 30 days ] Masturbation is good or bad for your health?

Do you know about “nofap”? I have been known the word “Nofap” for a while but I have never tried of it before.

Many of Japanese may not have heard of it, but overseas, there are quite a few groups (Nofap) that promote so-called “no masturbation, no sex,” and other such practices.

My friend told me that they are stopping porn first. This is the so-called “no masturbation” style. When I heard this, I was curious about the effect of masturbation cessation.

I think all men have heard of the benefits of masturbation at least once.

But on the other hand, It is said that there are many benefits with “Nofap”, such as “It makes you more popular, “your skin becomes more beautiful,” and “you become more positive.” Scientifically, it has been verified that ‘masturbation cessation for 7 days increases testosterone levels.”

But honestly, if you don’t try it yourself, it is just information and you can’t really feel it, so I decided to actually try it.

In this article, I would like to share with you the untrue effects and impressions after 30 days of practicing no masturbation (NOFAP) using my own body.

This article for:

  • Those who want to know the effects and benefits of masturbation cessation for men.
  • Those who are considering whether to stop masturbation.
  • This article is aimed at the following people.

At the beginning, I set the rules.

  • The goal is 30, 60, and 90 days.
  • Until I have a loved one, I will prohibit all erotic activities and will not masturbate.
  • Sex is OK (because of it depending on the partner’s feelings). But if possible, hold off for 90 days.

There are three things to do.

This time, 30 days have passed since I started, and I have summarized my impressions of the program.

The reason and impetus for starting was that I had seen many articles on Nofap.

And was curious about it, and since I don’t have a girlfriend at the moment and my good friends have started, I decided to give it a try since it was a perfect opportunity. Also, masturbation is an act that I had taken for granted after learning about it from talking with my friends around the time I reached puberty, but now I have some doubts about it.

Since I came to the U.S., I have not talked much about sex, even among men, so even though I do not talk about it religiously, I have been studying Buddhism recently, so I wanted to stop the practice and see if I had warped feelings about sex, or if it was normal.

Actually, I think that sexual desire is quite distressing to men.

Because if you don’t have a partner when you want to have sex, you want to have sex somehow. However, our world has been trying to suppress this instinctive desire to satisfy our happiness since we were born, and it is considered an evil act, so with the evolution of civilization (Freudian theory), laws have been established, and if you rape, you go to jail, no matter what the morals are. In the U.S., men who rape are the most culpable, and I have even heard that they are killed in prison.

However, we can no longer live in this world without suppressing this active and impulsive instinct. The only thing that can relieve this instinctive desire even a little is to release one’s own desire, which is called masturbation.

But, if this age in which we can stimulate our brains with images of it and get pleasure from it on a daily basis is so commonplace, I thought, why not learn to control it once and for all, rather than suppress it?

Christianity and Buddhism have similarities regarding sex, but after learning about Freud’s libido in my own way, I began to think that I would like to use this sexual energy for other purposes.

I’m sorry for the very long preface, but this is a pretty serious reason for nofap (masturbation cessation). Here is a brief summary of the progress 1-7 days, 21 days, and 30 days.
  • Progress 1-7 day

To be honest, the first 1-7 days were easy. This is because I had already quit pornography quite a while ago when I originally learned that it was too stimulating for my brain, so I didn’t even feel like porn – it was easy to get through. I did not see any changes at this point.

  • After 21 days, I experienced hell

After 21 days, I had withdrawal symptoms for one night. I could not sleep at all and my erotic fantasies continued until about 4:00 in the morning. Something must have turned on the erotic switch in my brain, and it was so hard that I thought about masturbating and resetting once because I couldn’t help it anymore. But I managed to suppress the eroticism by doing some muscle training and watching anime and stuff! I managed to go to bed at about 5:00 a.m., but it was already morning. So, of course, I didn’t sleep well the next day.

  • After 30 days

After the nightmare on the 21st, I cleared up normally without any withdrawal symptoms until the 30th. As a result of changing the time I go to the gym to night time, I was fortunate that I sleep well at night, which prevented me from going into erotic mode. If you are an insomniac, you should definitely go to the gym at night to use up all your energy so you can fall asleep more easily.

Before I stopped masturbating, I could not look women in the eye when talking to them.

I had many lazy days (especially after masturbation). I had a fear of other people. I often think about eroticism. My feelings are scattered to various girls.

How about after achieved 30 days.

I have certainly been able to look at women in 3 dimensions instead of in my videos and become more aggressive. I am now able to look women in the eye and talk to them. I no longer have the fear of other people that I used to have.

However, I was not sure if I would be popular with women if I stopped masturbating for 30 days or not. Somehow, I feel that women look at me more than before. However, I have not been able to have a relationship with women or have sex with them, nor have they asked me out in the past 30 days. Therefore, I will not suddenly become popular with women after I have stopped masturbating. (but since it’s only been 30 days, I’ll keep you updated and let you know how things are changing, and hopefully by 90 days, something will have changed!)

Honestly, the best thing I can say about masturbation is that it has cured my fear of other people.

Until a while ago, I had some kind of fear that I didn’t really understand when talking to women. It was because I often looked at women as sex objects, and maybe it was because of porn, or maybe I was just sorry for the way I looked at women.

Moreover, I think my feelings were scattered among various girls (women on the screen). My brain actually remembers other pleasurable feelings while looking at other women, so I think that ejaculating by looking at a new girl in porn was more pleasurable than having sex with my girlfriend because of the dopamine rush. I highly recommend no masturbation to men who say they do not have sex with their girlfriends or wives.

To stop the erotic lifestyle that you have been leading since puberty is a big change just by that act.

I believe that a change of habit can bring about a change in anything. I realized from this masturbation cessation that I had been unable to control my sexual desire and had been relying on pornography to reduce my contact with 3-dimensional women, and that I had been leading a life that was controlled by my sexual desire. This was the biggest gain of this time.

It changes the way I think about women and makes me realize that there are many other things I want to do in life and many other things I want to do, because before it was always eroticism first (women, alcohol, and cigarettes were my three main desires). I want to have sex with pretty girls anytime, anywhere! I think that was always in my mind.

This has decreased considerably, although of course it has not become zero even now.

This may be somewhat due to the effect of my masturbation abstinence. That is, when I am able to look a woman in the eye and talk to her, I feel like I am able to feel on a hormonal level if the other person is a good match for me. As I have found out through many experiences, not just any women will do.

That’s all. I will summarize briefly.
  • First, about the effectiveness of Nofap (no masturbation). I can say that it is quite personal. If someone is avoiding human interaction, it may be because they are masturbating. I am less afraid to talk to anyone now without it than I was when I was doing it, and I would be more open.
  • In terms of the energy shift I talked about at the beginning of the article, I can say that this is also good. I am no longer wasting time, but I have more energy than before. Maybe all men feel a little bit pathetic about the act of sperm production. I did. But now, I feel like I’m doing great, and I feel like a gentleman who is trying to control his emotions and not let his sexual desires get the best of him. But that’s just a feeling. I think how you evaluate your own actions is an important thing in life.

If you are interested in starting nofap after reading this article, please give it a try. However, if it makes you feel sick, please masturbate immediately. If you feel any physical discomfort after stopping masturbation, it is also for your own good to stop the prohibited act immediately. All you have to do is to think about how you feel (good or bad) about the act and then make the best decision you can at that time. I don’t force myself to keep doing it. It is just a matter of living true to yourself.

This time, I wrote about the changes and my impressions after 30 days, but I would like to write about the changes after another 90 days, so please read again if you are interested.

Thank you for reading.


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