【Mind Control 】Self-hypnosis Techniques for Enjoying Difficulty

The world seems equal. No, It is not.

When some things are determined to a certain extent in your environment, You may have thought, “Isn’t this impossible for me?”

For example, if you are born on an Island which no one lives there with, you may have thought that it is “impossible” to make a business or make money or even have kids, like all of the things in there.


More regular examples.

  • A high school student who was born in the countryside and thinks it is “impossible” to pass the entrance exam to Tokyo University.
  • A man who was born small and lacks self-confidence in his appearance, but is in love with a model-like girl who is “Kendall Jenner” and thinks it is an “impossible love” to make that love come true.
  • A college student who wants to make her Hollywood debut and work in a Marvel movie but thinks it’s “impossible” because she can’t speak English.


And so on.

If you had been born in Hollywood, you would have been fluent in English from the time you were born, and you would have many opportunities and connections.

Yes, at the time of where, when, with whom, we are born are very important for life.

Like, Various environmental factors such as appearance, location, parents, etc. have already created in the beginnings, so you may want to have a dream, a job, a romantic partner, etc., but you may think that it is “impossible” because of that any reasons such as race, poor, languages, and where you were born.

Yes, the world is not equal.

Our society also causes people to think that it is absolutely “impossible.” That is one of those reasons too.


In fact, I have been in a situation where I thought, “I can’t do it” too.

I have felt the “impossible game” as long as I have been live in the U.S.


Example of my experiences with my thought;

  • There was a time when I thought that it would be too hard for someone from Japan who can’t speak English very well to date an American woman who is super stylish, and that it would be absolutely impossible.
  • In the business world, I would like to attend a party where only businessmen who make a lot of money can go (for example, a party like The Great Gatsby starring Mr. DiCaprio), but I can’t. I don’t have any connections at all. It’s not easy.

To some extent,

Society is what it is, and that standard may never change.

But, One thing, I can control my own thinking. It’s not “impossible,” it’s just “difficult.”

In fact, If a goal is high, It will improve a life.

But in the first place, usually that higher goal makes us nervous and makes it feel like more impossible.

And then you feel worthless.

It’s too hard, it’s too much and too lazy, and thinking like it won’t work anyway, even if you wish.


It’s more or less like that, but it depends on how you think about it eventually.

I would like you to think about it.


Even if there are social difficulties at the moment, you are free to change your mind. It is up to you.

“Well it’s a good thing that goals are difficult, because it’s my self-improvement, isn’t it?” Like that sentence, anytime you are free to change your mind. This is also your choice.

If you don’t feel that way and our Society is like that, It never changes and so on I can’t do it. That is also your choice to think that way too.


In reality, it may be difficult to think positively when you are in a state of depression.

But you have to change your thinking. That is the only way to get out of depression.


That is the starting point to get out of darkness.

There are many important factors to enjoy life in taking on “challenges.”


Changing your thinking can be today, or right now.


And you can notice that, It is;

You will find that the hardest things are actually the most fun stuff in your life.


If you’ve ever played a video game, or played tennis or soccer(any kind of sports) against a strong opponent in a tournament, you know what I mean.

It’s much more fun to play the “difficult” games than to play the “easy” games, isn’t it?


Even if you reach level 66 in “Dragon Quest”(Japanese role-playing video games), it’s no fun to keep beating slimes in the first dungeon, right? If that’s it, the game is over in an instant. It’s SUPER boring to even imagine it.


In order to defeat a strong boss character, You have to learn various magic like (mera) and techniques, gain experience and train yourself, and that process makes your game fun.


Here is another thing to notice.

It is no fun to challenge someone who is too strong at level 1. That is foolish.

Your dreams won’t suddenly come true.

And cannot beat the boss character in the first place.


It is better to fight with monsters which are at the same or slightly higher level.

Let’s get stronger day by day.


You will be fine.


After all, reality is tough and it is not that easy to beat the last boss (your dream job, dream partner, dream house.)


But it is not impossible.

You can do it someday.


Once you reach level 66(again Dragon Quest) or so, you will be able to beat them all. CAN ALL.


As long as you know that thing,

You will know what is actually difficult and how to make it fun.


To be a little bit stronger than before.

Isn’t that the best feeling when you can do something you can’t do before?

The “impossible game” is simply difficult.


It’s hard, so please remember the feeling you get when you really work hard and become able to do it with the process.

From the past experience, When you achieved a goal,  wasn’t that the best feeling ever?


For me, whenever I watch videos of my first day of boxing,

“haha, I really sucked, but now my punching speed is so different, it’s hilarious.” I think that means that it was hard but it was fun practicing.

It’s hard to set-up and to achieve something that you want, but it’s a way of enrich-life.

And it’s also an opportunity to hone skills you don’t have right now.


What do most people do to make life fun?
How do I live well and happily? I’m sure you’re thinking and the answer is;

It’s about taking on a little bit of a challenge to do something difficult.

“If you give up, the game is over.”

This quote from Mr. Anzai of “Slam Dunk” fame, a popular Japanese basketball manga, came to my mind today. So, this is the theme of today’s writing.

An idea from “Slam Dunk”: Shohoku High School cannot win against Sanno at the beginning (the first episode). I mean, if they win at the first episode then the story is the end. We won’t be able to enjoy watching the growth of the protagonist.

I hope you will read “Slam Dunk.” It’s a very cool basketball manga with a lot of life quotes.


You have to keep going little by little without giving up. Even just going up one step.


Isn’t it hard to keep enjoying it? You may think so.

That thing is not being able to do it right now, then you think it’s very boring. I know if you think that would be boring because all you only care about is the outcome.


That is why let’s change our focus a little.


There are things that you can do now, even if only a little, toward that goal. Focus on that.


And sometimes,

It is also good to imagine(self-hypnosis) what you have achieved in your mind and even write down words that you have already achieved in your minds on notes.

By memorizing the sound of what you really want and imagining it in your brain, you can get the “unconscious” on your side.


The reason is simple.

  • What is not verbalized cannot be accomplished.
  • What is not thought in the brain cannot be accomplished.
  • What is not acted upon cannot be accomplished.

In fact, increasing what you can do.

Only through the accumulation of these things can we achieve our goals.


To change your thinking.

Self-growth is most enjoyable.


The only way to lose the meaning of life is to give up on self-growth.

The process of self-improvement and what lies beyond it, enrich our hearts and minds.


Please do not give up and keep trying.


Nothing in this world is impossible.

Nothing is society’s fault.


Everything is up to you.




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