[Mental Enhancement] Benefits of Knowing Invisible Complexes

Lately, little by little.

I feel that I am able to spend each day in a healthy way.


Certainly, I spend fewer days worrying about “anxiety” than before.


There is a big reason for that. I am aware of “I like myself more than before.”


And why wasn’t I able to do that before?

Because I wasn’t facing my unconscious complex.


When you cannot like yourself, you have a complex that no one is aware of.

Even though we deal with it outwardly without knowing it, we are actually living with it while worrying about it unconsciously.


This is the “unconsciousness” of the complex, and it is very troublesome.

Moreover, complexes from childhood are very deep-rooted and do not come up with the surface easily.


If you never accept it, you will sometimes feel to suck about yourself.


For example, in my case, there are three complexes that I have been pretending not to notice for a long time, but are actually sitting there unconsciously:

  • The first is my appearance; I have always been skinny and my shoulders are not broad. so I look small. But I didn’t accept that It was my complex. I did try to avoid it.
  • Secondly, money; There were many people around me who had money, and I felt very poor. I knew it was complex, but I tried not to feel it. And I tried to imitate them as if I had money.
  • Thirdly; I was traumatized by the fact that my best friend hated me in the past, like it was a long time ago. Whenever something tricky happened between friends and me, I was patient and didn’t say anything. This was because of my complex of “I don’t want to be disliked as before, I want to be seen as a good person.” I felt stressed by the relationship more often than not, but I pretended not to notice.


I am not aware of the above consciously, I actually know them but while trying to avoid knowing deep of my thought, and have lived.


That the complexes are unconscious that are held without trying to know themselves.

There is “an unconscious complex.”


The outer consciousness pretends not to know, or pretends to be unaware of them, so they are not resolved on their own.


It never resolves itself, and as a result

As a result, they refuse to like themselves.


If it realizes it, it admits to itself that it is a weakness so, they don’t want to accept it. Because knowing and accepting your complexes is very shameful.


However, living in the moment and being honest with myself about my feelings,

I realize that this is a really bad way to think.


In my mind,

“Wait, I just got stuck up in something.”

“What is it?

“Why is my mind so agitated and restless?”

Observing my current feelings.

As a result, even if I don’t understand or solve the problem at the time, I will try again, and giving myrself a chance to act and think until I know how my truly feel.


Then it will naturally find the answer.

I  am able to choose a direction that is easier to live with.


Here’s how to observe feelings.

Example of mine; When I visit a bar.

  • I feel somewhat nervous, fidgety at the entrance and when I sit down.
  • I look around and see all the men are big and tall.
  • I feel uncomfortable. When ordering at a bar, my voice is too quiet, the bartender cannot hear me, and I cannot order properly.
  • Why can’t I behave smartly?
  • Oh, I feel small. (I am concerned about how tall I am.)

I wonder if I had my own body shape complex here? I can guess.

When you know that, the solution is to make an effort to like yourself now, even a little bit.

Well, shape is a very delicate topic in the U.S. And I just made an example because it is easy to realize your complex. But I didn’t pay attention to my shape because I thought that I was skinny but it wasn’t my complex, and it does not bother me.


If you know your weakness and can solve it with effort, it is worth a try.

If you don’t accept a complex that you don’t want to accept because of pride and leave it at that, you will miss the chance to change yourself.


From my experience with this bar’s situation.

I decided to go to the gym and start weight training to change my shape.


Since then, in every situation, I have seen a decrease in these complexes (insecurities) based on my appearance and an increase in my confidence.


I know it will never be completely free of anxiety. That is very tough.

But you need to know what you are feeling anxious about and try to improve yourself so that you don’t worry about it, even if only a little.

This is necessary to reduce anxiety.


But, If you don’t think you cannot do it, then move to a different environment (different country, different town, etc.)

Just go where you don’t have to make yourself feel sad, fear, anxiety.

Get away from anxiety as much as you can.


The world is a big place and you can live with a different perspective.

Keep challenging yourself to the extent that you can control, and


Making an effort will strengthen your mentality and ease your complexes.

This will lead to happiness and a natural love for yourself.


At this stage, you should avoid difficult things (uncontrollable people and things) as much as possible and stay away from them.


Once you get rid of your complexes and get to know yourself, you can try to get a little closer and try again.

This can make things possible that were previously impossible.


In a sense, invisible complexes are like spices that help people grow.


While facing them little by little, we should not overdo it and sometimes take a break.

Sometimes you have to take a break and sometimes you have to step away from the complex.

Let’s keep a good distance from the complex when you got tired.

This is the secret to “being the best me every day.”


And, don’t get frustrated.

Live healthy.


There are many problems, but this is the best.


I sincerely pray that your mental stability will continue every day.



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