Wait is Loving-Kindness

Suddenly, I thought about waiting.

I’ve never been good at waiting for anything.

For example,

Waiting for a train.

Waiting for a girlfriend.

Waiting for a friend texting.

Waiting for the right moment to do something important (like an exam or something that might have gone well if I had taken more time).

And so on.

There are many kinds of waiting in our lives.

We can freely choose to wait or not.

That’s why I feel waiting is so difficult.

If you can wait without being offended, your life will change.

If you are a couple, you will have fewer fights.


////Wait is Loving-Kindness////

Wait is important.

Wait also means to be hospitable in Japanese.

The meaning of the kanji for wait in Japanese is to hold something in one’s hands and to stop in the middle of the road, and it is also a word to prepare for what is to come.

I felt that if I could just understand the meaning of waiting, the suffering I had been experiencing would disappear.


Because waiting is often painful.

Even if I gave love, it would not be returned, and if I could not wait, I would get impatient and do something that the other person did not want.

Even though I was still young, I was in a hurry because of my work and there were many things that could have worked out if I had waited a little longer.

Waiting is not just waiting for time to pass, but waiting while acting, preparing for that important event that will come.

This was the true meaning of waiting.

This was a revolutionary realization for me, as I had always thought that waiting was just a frustrating and wasting of time.

It brought back memories of a big fight I had with my ex-girlfriend a while ago.

At that time, I couldn’t wait for her, so I just left.

The reason why I couldn’t wait was because I was very self-centered, so to speak, but since I had to wait for another hour during the fight with her, I completely lost my temper.

At the time, I didn’t even think about the fact that waiting was a form of hospitality.

It was just that I was being kept waiting because I wasn’t worth it for her.

But recently, I thought about that waiting for others was a wonderful thing in life.

I felt that waiting fosters love-giving and compassion.

No matter what,

I’ve learned to think about things from different perspectives by waiting and seeing what happens.

I don’t mind waiting anymore.

I changed my thought it’s because I realized that waiting is loving kindness compassionate heart.

Let’s wait and prepare for the fun that will come next.

To do with you wait while you act.

You can wait while enjoying your coffee.

Take in the scenery.

If it’s an event that you have to wait a year or two for, wait while you work out, practice, and improve yourself until then.

If you can wait, you will be able to give loving to many things.

It will definitely enrich my life.

Zen Jin


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