【Male Opinions 】The Late Thirties in Love for men is a Quest. How to make love for a single man?

What do you think is the happiest thing in a relationship?

It is love.

It can bring you to the peak of happiness, or it can bring you to the bottom of happiness.

Love is always the spice of life.


Love evolves with age and experience, and when you reach your late thirties, it becomes more and more difficult to think simply, so you may find it even more difficult to meet people and continue a serious relationship.

Until recently, I also felt a kind of wall between myself and others that I didn’t feel in my early 30s, so for the past few years I have been shutting myself in a cave and not enjoying conversations with women or other people for a while.

If you have decided to live your life alone and not be in love, that’s fine, but you want to enjoy the second half of your thirties, or you want to have a life partner, then this article is right for those people.


This article is for:

  • Someone who wants to enjoy the second half of their 30s.
  • Someone who is struggling but wants to have a girlfriend or get married.
  • Men who have a hard time getting into a relationship.
  • Men who have fallen in love but the relationship doesn’t last long and ends quickly.
  • Women who want to know the views on love and marriage from a man’s point of view.

This article is for those who want to know the male point of view on love and marriage.


In your early thirties and late thirties, your physical and emotional strength are quietly different and you realized that.

I think there is a bad “stereotype” that men in their late 30’s are thinking “we’re already old men” and might be feeling like “women are not interested in them.”

But in the reality that the main reason is related to testosterone (a sex hormone) and sex drive.


So first of all,  The measures that you can take it now if you want to get along with a girlfriend or a life partner is;

  • Reduce the frequency of masturbation.
  • Stop watching porn. Get out of porn.


To be honest, in your early 30s, you can have relationships with women and love as a man in his 20s, so there is no need to worry about anything. In my experience, my libido and physical strength have both weakened a little bit in my late 30s. You could say it in a positive way that I have “settled down.” But, if you are in your early 30s and are not interested in women or are afraid to approach them, simply stop masturbating. That’s all you need to do. You will soon have a force to reckon with.

Masturbation, once you do it, the dopamine rush very easily and it will feel so great. That is so you won’t even think about the long, long, long process such as talking to a woman at first that is not easy and challenging, and getting her email address or number, and then asking her to go out to dinner, and maybe going to Disneyland, etc. Masturbation is pretty easy to have a happy time, too easy.

However, if you want to get a girlfriend, masturbate only once a week. because you need to have so much energy to do all those processes with women. If you spend your energy with porn, then you cannot make a good interest with her.


The most important thing in a relationship is to be “interested” in the other person.


This is drastically reduced by masturbation. This did not bother me especially in my early thirties, but I feel it when I am in my late thirties. We don’t usually think of testosterone as engaging in our love affairs, so let’s stop this first.

When testosterone levels drop, it not only makes you less attractive to women, but it also lowers your own fighting ability.


As adults, we have the time to open our computers and watch pornography as much as we want, and I think some of us do this on an unconscious level when we learn how to get pleasure quickly. This is like drinking or smoking, and it takes a lot of perseverance to stop, but you should stop.


What you need to do to stop watching porn is;

Do not make free time when you are at home. This is the only way.


If you have time to be at home, you will automatically watch porn. To avoid being at home, go to a café, go to the gym, take a walk, or just leave the house. There is no other way.

I think many people find it hard to have a reason to stop watching porn more than other things such as smoking and alcohol. Because they don’t like the smell or taste of it like they can stop cigarettes or alcohol, but the porn has no smell or taste just as a good ecstasy so it’s hard to have a reason to stop.

It is a task that really requires patience, but once you stop watching it, it is surprisingly okay, so leave the house anyway.


Once you stop watching porn as part of your daily routine.

You will definitely see a positive change.


You will become more interested in women in the normal world.


By stopping watching porn and constantly being in an outside environment, you will start to see more women. Those who have been chasing after cute girls with their eyes will also start to think about how to talk to them and how to make an appealing impression.

If you think that you cannot meet or fall in love with someone then let’s go this far for men.


This is because you need to know that what you think is keeping you from meeting people is actually caused by “yourself” who is no longer interested in women in the flesh because your testosterone is low when you are out and about.

If you can realize this, you can find yourself changing that environment. All you have to do is to stop watching porn and reduce the frequency of masturbation to once a week or so.


Once you’ve come this far and realize that you’ve been putting women off because of you.

Then, the next thing you need to do is to increase your “testosterone.”


Weight training is the quickest way to do this.

Muscle mass increases testosterone, so muscle training will give you more confidence.


If you are a man who does not want to do weight training or finds it too much of a hassle, set aside time to do something you like to do.

Make sure you always like yourself. By liking yourself, you will learn to accept the things you don’t like about yourself, and you will gain confidence.

You don’t need to be muscular to talk to women. You don’t need muscles to do that. but you need to have confidence for sure.


Physically, if you can increase your libido, you will try to get more involved with women.

However, even just exercising or doing something you enjoy can increase your sense of self-esteem and thus enable you to be more aggressive.

If you are still afraid to talk to women, it may be because you have fear in society, not just for women. I know this because I used to be like that and it is a pain.

In another article, “What are the reasons why you feel not well with others? What to do when that happens” it can be solved by addressing the cause of the wall between you and others.


It is important to remember if there are any traumas from your childhood or experiences from your past that may have caused a loss of confidence.

And by knowing yourself better, you will learn that your relationships with others are not so scary. The painful experiences you had in the past have made you stronger than you are now. Instead of being frightened to death by them, use them as a way to develop a new outlook on life and people.


Simply focus on the person in front of you without thinking too much.

By doing so, you will not have time to think about the possibility that you might not like them or that they might reject you when you are conversing with them. This is quite useful, so please give it a try.


Concentrate on the conversation, looking the other person in the eye, without thinking about this or that. This is all you need to do.


By doing this, you will learn to look her in the eye and talk to her.

In fact, the most common parts of a man that women look at are their arms, fingers, and eyes, so just looking into her eyes and talking to her will make you look much more attractive than other men.


To summary:

What men in their late 30s need in a relationship.

  • Reduce the frequency of masturbation (masturbation) so that he will have the energy to approach women.
  • Stop watching porn. It is quite dangerous to keep watching the act with cute women. Make an effort to focus on women in the real world.
  • Be aware of testosterone.  Build self-confidence through exercise, strength training, and doing what you love. It could be said that confidence is everything, but first you need to know yourself how to have that confidence.
  • If you are not comfortable having a conversation, try to think things through once again so that you can accept your trauma that you had in the past. And once you know that your self-esteem has been lowered by it, you can naturally come up with ways to raise it.

That’s all.


The Late Thirties in Love for men is a quest,

However, if you change your mindset, you will find that most people are not thinking of love as a mere pastime and playing, but rather as a way of life, and that most people are able to think about their partner and their own happiness because they have already learned a lot.

By doing so, they will be able to, and I believe that only then will you be able to find the “love” that will allow you to see the woman who can be your life partner.


I hope that many of you will be able to start a new relationship, even if it is not through this article.

Let’s share our wisdom together in the second half of our thirties and have fun in our love lives!


Thank you for reading.



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